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  1. I think this would bring the product closer to perfection 👌
  2. I love Evernote on my windows pc and I recently installed it from for the Ipad and Android smartphone. For the latter 2 its tedious to copy and paste to a note if you are reading a book/article. Can Evernote monitor the clipboard on mobile devices and tablets so that it appends to a note as you copy to the clipboard? This way you don't have to multitaks between the browser, pdf, ... and evernote which is a pain on a smartphone. This would make working on handheld devices more productive Kind Regards, Tom
  3. Dear, I'm a long time fan of evernote and after looking for an app that would make me compose emails in a rich way (photos, voice, ink,...) it hit me. Why not use evernote to compose an email? If you look at the gmail app it's almost undoable to achieve what you can do with evernote. ANd the change to make this possible is minimal. In addition to the "save" button one could also click on a "mail" button... there is nothing more to it This would make evernote interesting to people who are not looking for a note taking app but for one to compose emails easily. In the end they will also start to use evernote for making notes of course I know its currently possible to achieve this but its cumbersome: - create a note with voice, pictures, etc - press save - go back to evernote and choose the new note - click on share and enter your email On a mobile device this is too much work. I hope you will consider adding this option? Kind Regards, Tom
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