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  1. Still no go! I did as suggested above by @jmichael and @Stuhrer: used App Cleaner to delete ALL Evernote-related files on my macbook, went back and found another com.evernote file sitting in CoreServices and deleted that too. Downloaded 6.0.2 again from the Evernote web site. Opened it and it logged me in to the Evernote server, started downloading -- and it promptly crashed. I do have access to all my Evernote info via the web interface, and on my iPhone and iPad. But my Macbook is my main device. I would use Evernote a lot more except i don't trust it -- it's always been flaky for me, and here we are again...
  2. thanks, in response and in order: - appears to have been 5.6.2 - the previous version would presumably have been from the App store originally (??). The one I just downloaded (6.02) was directly from the link on https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78123-evernote-mac-v602-released/ - no I did not remove, just used the installer to overwrite the old version in my Applications folder - no I did not remove any data. So... what now??
  3. I'm unable to open Evernote on my Macbook. I've had the account for years. Updated to Yosemite a few weeks ago (now running 10.10.1) ... it's possible I haven't managed to open Evernote since then (not sure). I just tried downloading the 6.02 version directly from the Evernote site (I couldn't keep Evernote open long enough to use the in-app Update function). But Evernote still crashes when I try to open it. Kinda stuck here... everything else is running fine on my computer.
  4. been using Safari clipper for quite some time -- but recently the elephant just disappeared. I've confirmed that the Evernote preference for using the Safari clipper is enabled, and I've restarted Safari (and even my computer) multiple times. I've confirmed that the EvernoteSafariClipperPlugin is still sitting in my Library/Internet Plugins folder. ClickToFlash (also in that folder) loads OK, and the 1Password button loads just fine. The only thing I can think of is that something happened when I tried loading some of the new Safari extensions. I think it was around then that the EN clipper went away. I've uninstalled all Safari extensions now,however, and still no Elephant in safari (I do have the elephant in my main menubar -- just not the handy elephant in Safari for clipping from web pages.) I'm using Safari 5.0.2, Mac OSX 10.6.4, a pretty new macbook Pro 17 inch, and Evernote 1.11.0
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