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  1. CalS Tks; For me I found changing the title wasnt adequate; I had to change the filename of the pdf by downloading it (since right click save as doesnt work on these files either..) and then reimporting it into evernote.. I'll look at the 6.9 beta but I'm also looking at Nimbus. EN has gone tone deaf.
  2. I have a lot of PDFs; Upgraded to the new version ( and now some pdfs seem to be recognized as pdfs, and some not. specifically the right mouse click shows a list of programs to open the pdf, as well as annotate pdf; Other pdfs the right mouse click doesnt have this, and clicking "open with" "choose program" does nothing... Was any qa done on this release?
  3. Ed, True 7.x was silent; But I have no work chat, and there are no notes with reminders showing in evernote on my win10 desktop.... Whack a mole would work if I could just find it
  4. evernote 8 shows 1 notification; How do I tell what the notification is??? Overall not liking this update at all...crashed on install had to redo it.........
  5. PDF searching works if the pdf is printed into onenote; coming from evernote I have MANY pdfs that are just embedded; So I'd have to print expand each of them, which is rather daunting; Also I didnt see a way to double click or open an expanded pdf in an external editor.. If it was seamless it would be a no-brainer...
  6. I have two macs, both running 10.11.5 beta, and evernote 6.6. 453323 app store; photos v1.5; They share the same photo stream, and evernote is logged into the same acct. When I share a photo on my 13" mac it immediately goes into evernote and then evernote bounces in the dock to tell me its a got a new note... When I share the same photo (or any other) on my other mac I get the dialog to enter the name, then nothing seems to happen... Where should I look to figure out whats amiss? I started to read the extension docs since I do sw dev, just havent dont any xcode stuff.
  7. I tried it, but the fact one cant search inside of pdfs, and lack of tags means its not a great solution for me.
  8. running 6.0.13, if I have a note with some encrypted text, I click 'show encrypted text', enter the passphrase and nothing happens... I tried "decrypt text permanently" and again nothing.. If I go to a pc or my iphone I can decrypt the text just fine..
  9. +1 what a pita to have no ability to change the margins, nor add page footers with page #s, date printed etc....
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