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  1. And I thought I was smart! Every day you learn something new! -Migs
  2. What I'm expecting but not achieving is that the synced version of the note on the other computer should be (in my mind) exactly the same as the note in the originating computer. Why is it so hard to copy the contents of the original note and display them exactly on the other machine?
  3. I just did some tests exporting to HTML. Using Firefox, and opening the HTML, a blank page appears with one link. Click the link and it asks you what to open it with (especially if you don't know that it is a jpeg). This is hardly a useful export. I next opened the enclosed folder and found the image, but had to change it's extension from blank to .jpeg. After that the picture opened up fine. Somehow this is not the export I would expect. Also, I must say, I added the files on my MacPro and synced with my Mac Air laptop. I'm doing the exports from the Air. On the MacPro, one can read the entire note on the screen in EN. Not so on the Air. Just shows an "unnamed file attachment" box with a quick look button. When you press the quick look button, a tiny image appears, but no way to see the actual size image. Why isn't the actual size image in the note?? Migs
  4. From the desktop. Simple drag in and drag out. Try it on a Mac w OS X 10.5.8 MIgs
  5. Dragging to the desktop also yields 688KB. Smaller than original. Migs
  6. Friends: I don't get it. I have a note with some text and a graphic on a Mac. I export the note in each of the formats. HTML and XML are unreadable in anything. I managed to use Adobe Dreamweaver (a web page design tool) to look at them, but the image is of course gone, and there is no way to get something anywhere near the original note. I tried Firefox as well, but there was nothing there either, except a blank page with a link, and the link lead nowhere. I know this has been talked about elsewhere in the forum, and as far as I can tell, EN stores its stuff as pseudo web pages. In an ideal universer on would then be to open the exported note on a browser, and select all - copy - paste to wherever. But it can't be done. What is going on here? Why can't I take that note and copy it and paste it to a Word document, say? (Yup, I tired to no avail) I also tried to control click save, but if the note has text and an image, save doesn't work. Nor does print for that matter under these conditions... What are the EN physicists thinking as regards these export formats? An alternate programmer specific universe? Confused, Migs
  7. Friends: I wonder why an image dragged into EN degrades in size. Ideally one should be able to extract exactly what was put in. For example: I drag into a new note a jpeg of 780KB and drag it back out (control click save as) the file is now 688KB. I wish EN would respect the file. Migs
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