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  1. I assume that these thumbnail images are meant to be more than just eye-candy, and that they're intended to make it easier for users to find notes by visually scanning through the snippet or card view. This visual trigger works much better for me than I expected, even when the image selected by Evernote's algorithm is inappropriate. Once I've seen the image a few times, it becomes familiar, and I can spot the snippet or card much more quickly in a long list. This makes it all the more troublesome that Evernote's algorithm seems to be inconsistent across devices. I'm finding that 5 to 10 percent of my thumbnails are completely different on my Mac and iPad. Has anyone else experienced this? Surely there's not much point in the thumbnails if they are not consistent.
  2. I've not been able to find these previous threads in favor of the current behavior. Can anyone point me to these? I'm still struggling to understand what the advantages are.
  3. I too find Evernote's tag filter selection behavior very confusing, clumsy and limiting. In the absence of a true hierarchial structure I tend to set up tags as children of specific notebooks. So if I have a notebook called 'Fruit' I might assign tags to notes in it such as 'apple', 'orange' and 'pear'. Evernote's option to 'hide unassigned tags' potentially works very well for this, so that if I click on 'Fruit' then only the 'apple', 'orange' and 'pear' tags are listed below. But if I next click on 'apple' then the other two tags immediately disappear from the tag list below (unless several tags have been assigned to one note). To me this is unexpected behaviour. I expect the 'assigned' tags list to continue to show all the tags assigned to the selected NOTEBOOK, but Evernote's behavior is to list only tags assigned to the NOTES selected so far. And because the filter list display bar has been dropped from Evernote (in favour of the Favorites bar) the selection criteria becomes hidden. As the OP observes, 'clearing' this selection is quite difficult. If I want to look at each of the fruit tags in succession (a very common usage scenario I'd suspect) I'm forced through a clumsy and non-intuitive 'clear selection' process. My best way of doing this is to click on another random notebook briefly to clear the tag selection, and to then click back on the original notebook. Surely it would be much better if Evernote displayed a fixed and unchanging list of all tags assigned to the selected NOTEBOOK, and then allowed each tag(s) then selected to clear any previously selected tag(s)?
  4. The minimalist new header creates a much better visual focus on the content. To this end, I think the first line of content is too close to the new shadow at the top, and the left margin is out of alignment with the header text. Just a few more pixels added the the margins top and left would stop the feeling that the content is scrunched into the top corner, and improve readability. I've always thought that the content margins are too small, and this would be an ideal opportunity to fix them. But overall, a great job!
  5. I'm having exactly the same problems — I clip in Safari, nothing appears in the desktop app after several syncs, and then I have to re-logon in Safari to try again. perterfmartin's solution works (thanks!) but only for a while. I've tried all the other solutions suggested, and they don't have any effect. Checking the desktop app every few minutes after clipping is highly irritating!
  6. Just one of the (many) issues with text formatting in Evernote for Mac happens when you're trying to add some text immediately above a note clipped from a website. It's always difficult, and sometimes impossible, to position your cursor before the web clipping, and the inserted text then always takes on the formatting of the first line in the clipping. Reformatting this text can only change its font or size, and the line spacing and any background color remain locked to the style of the first line of the clipping. So if the first line of the web clipping is a big headline, your inserted text inherits its massive line spacing and its background, and these are impossible to remove. I just noticed that the Evernote web bookmarklet (the one that's used in iOS, see viewtopic.php?f=45&t=12712, not the standard Safari clipper) includes an option that solves this problem at a stroke. This bookmarklet's popup dialog includes an extra box labelled 'Add Text'. Text entered here magically appears as default-formatted text immediately before the web clipping, nicely separated by a line rule. I think this is a terrific feature, and it would be great if something similar could to be added to Evernote for Mac. Here are my two alternative suggestions: 1. The simplest might be a new option in Evernote for Mac 's preferences to add an empty default text paragraph and a line rule above all new web clippings. 2. More generally useful would be a new 'Insert Text' button in the formatting bar – this would insert an empty default text paragraph, a positioned cursor, and a line rule exactly at the beginning of any note. Anyone else think one, or both of these, would be a good idea? Brian Liddell
  7. Just a note to say that converting my notebooks to the Mac Version 2 Alpha lost the URLs on every note! Can I add my voice to the many Evernote fans who are amazed that every revision to the Mac version fails to address its many text formatting issues. Lack of table editing, weird font sizes, non-functioning font drop-downs, and inconsistency across platforms are all still present in this alpha version. Complaints on this forum and bug reports date back literally years. All are handled with great politeness by Evernote, and all remain unresolved. Like the earlier post, I also much prefer the subtler shades of the original notebook icons. Surely these icons should be consistent with the design of the 'All Notes' toolbar button? The new 'Account' and 'Shared' buttons are similarly unsubtle. It always seems to me that Evernote's new UI elements are designed on an ad-hoc basis by the development team, rather than by an interface designer. Another glaring example is the icon next to the URL field in the recently much improved 'Note Info' panel. Is that supposed to be a globe? – Brian Liddell
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