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  1. What client are you using? From the Mac or Windows clients, if you display the full header information for the note, you can click into the right field to type or paste your desired "source URL" for that note.

    Hi Dave, I am using the web interface. Jeff seems to confirm the difficulty that I am encountering. Before it I was able to add the url easily.

  2. Thank you Jeff for your answer. I understand adding a url to text. However, I'd like to add a url for the entire post.

    As an example, if I look at some of my previously created notes, I see in the Note Attributes: Clipped from with the url provided. Beside the note attribue is a Go to source button/link.

    How do I add a url for an entire note where I can maintain same functionality having a clipped from note attribute?

  3. I am an infrequent user of Evernote using the free account accessing Evernote from the web.

    When I last used Evernote, I was able to easily add an url to a note I created.

    Today, I created a new note from something I found on the internet. However, I was unable to easily find a place to add the url with Evernote's different interface. How do I add the url?

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