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  1. I have a bunch of tags nested inside of another. To move them out, I have to right click and say move to root level. I cannot drag, drop or do anything of that nature. Please tell us when you will improve the tagging features. Other things I'd like to see is search, without highlight, because if you are tagging multiple, it is really annoying to have to search for it, have it be automatically highlighted so that you see the notes that already have the tag, remake the view you were just on while keeping the relevant tag on the sidebar, and then dragging them back in. Tags really need to be improved.
  2. Tags are awesome. Thanks to Burgers N Fries and the rest of the Evernote community, I think I understand how to use them. However they are a bit inconvenient because if you have many of them, it's kind of hard to travel through them and explore what you have. Maybe a coverflow way of viewing them, or a grid way of viewing them would be helpful. Also, as a new user, organizing the Evernote way is something you have to learn. Maybe it would be helpful to think of tags as folders, or notebooks, (as the Evernote community has taught me to look at them) and Evernote is just a program that lets you put items into more than one folder, so that you may find them wherever they may be relevant. ( and of course tag them when it is most convenient) Hopefully this thread doesn't anger people. Maybe I need to learn how to use forums.
  3. I'm currently using Evernote to keep track of all my classes. There are subject areas: History, Architecture, Chinese so on and so forth. There are more specific and still pretty broad subject areas: Passive House- History of the Near East, Hittites, Chinese culture, Chinese Language. It would be nice to have a way to group these together as notebooks within notebooks or folders for such notebooks. I am currently labeling stuff Architecture:Passive Houses or Classical History : Near East and so forth. Would this be hard to implement? Thanks, Gustavo
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