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  1. When text formatting options, like bold or italic, are enabled, the icon for the option switches to blue. But at high screen resolutions, this is very difficult to see. It would be much more obvious for the background of the icon to change, as it does in the web text editor I'm currently typing in.
  2. I echo all the previous comments. I eagerly awaited full-screen mode, but all I really wanted was a full-screen version of what I had before. This is not a step forward. Disappointing.
  3. I just wanted to express my support for Evernote's Three Laws of Data Protection. I’ve been an Evernote user for a while now, and I haven’t always agreed with the decisions that the company has made. In fact, I have often looked for alternatives that better suited my needs. But if you plan to stand by these guarantees, I will strongly consider upgrading to premium. I’m a student now, so I can’t really afford to spend money where it’s not completely necessary, but I do want to support this company if this is what you stand for. In the meantime, I will definitely advocate for you, and I truly believe that openness will lead your company to more success in the long-run.
  4. For note taking, it would be really handy to have a strikethrough shortcut key and/or a toolbar button. It is really nice to be able to strike something out, but leave it behind, as one would do in a paper notebook. It is way too cumbersome to do this through the font menu. This would be a simple addition. More generally, customizable toolbar and keyboard shortcuts would be nice. But I would settle for strikethrough.
  5. I just wanted to say that right now, I am very happy to see the progress on the beta. Due to my frustrations with the original release, I had actually started trying out other services. But now that the beta is out, I'm ready to stick around to see what improvements are made. Already, it seems that formatting issues are getting better, which was a big deal to me. I don't mind the unfinished UI at all, I'm just glad it works better. I'm glad you all chose to do a public beta, so we can see progress as comes.
  6. The point you're missing is that it's possible that by foregoing income now, EN could vastly increase future income. In fact, that's the whole point of them offering a tiered free/pay service in the first place. Running a business in this model requires a constant analysis of what features to use a lures to get people to sign up to build market- and mind-share, and which to use to incentivize the paid service. Four million users may sound like a lot to you, but it's small potatoes compared to the potential market size. And if you break that number down to the actual number of people that are hooked on EN for good, well, that's an even smaller chunk. Evernote is a great idea, but it's relatively easy to duplicate, at least in its most basic functionality. They can try to cash in now, but the real payoff is a year or two down the road when they are a household name, which they will probably be if they don't allow themselves to get undercut. Let's be honest, most people aren't going to up and decide to sign up for the paid service to get offline notes who weren't already going to pay anyway. Obviously, there's also a group of people that will, but I think we can agree that most won't change their minds on that basis alone. And there's also a group that sees charging for offline access as a money grab, and is turned off. Every non-paying user is easy pickings for a service that can do the baseline of what EN can do, plus offline access, and believe me, the race is on. I'm not saying it's an easy calculation of what should be free or not. And for the record, I have paid for plenty of apps. I'm just saying that if some service pops up that is similar, but does have offline viewing, I for one would be ready to jump ship.
  7. I agree. I see Evernote as a service I could potentially consider purchasing, but not right now, given the numerous unresolved issues. I had almost given up on Evernote as a whole out of frustration with its uselessness when I can't get a signal, as well as user experience issues. The only reason I didn't is because I logged on here and saw the new beta is out. In my opinion, it would behoove them to provide more value for free to build a strong user base, and an increase in paid customers will follow as people are impressed with the service. Positive goodwill and word of mouth are huge assets for an emerging company. I would even consider buying EN as a paid app to get offline support, but certainly not as a monthly or yearly service.
  8. I also have this issue. It seems to happen when I try to edit a note that I created in the desktop app. I hope this can be fixed very soon, it has essentially rendered editing notes on my phone non-operational. I will be watching for an update, but in the meantime, I'm looking for an alternative app, because this isn't acceptable to me
  9. With all due respect, although HTML editing would be nice, I think many people would agree that better offline functionality is a more pressing feature.
  10. Evernote is a fantastic idea, but the Android client leaves a lot to be desired. Today, for example, I was taking notes in a lecture, and my phone's screen timed out. I turned it back on, only to see that the note I was working on was completely gone. The title was there, but all the text had disappeared. The same thing has happened to me before when switching to another application and then switching back using the Recent Apps built-in feature. That time, it was irritating but not completely unexpected, but the application should definitely never lose input when I haven't even switched to another app. I am aware that in Android an application can be forced to terminate at any time, but it is also possible to make sure they save all relevant state before this happens. This needs to be fixed ASAP, in order for this app to be useful, in my opinion
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