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  1. By my question, you can tell a newcomer . . . Sorry. The whole point of joining EN was to help with a problem with work which requires to scan in document and upload them to EN. I then plan to sort/search easily with the EN search engine. However, I cannot figure out how to upload. Someone please help me.
  2. Thank you for the extra idea. It does make sense, and I will more than likely try that. FYI: MOST if not all of the invoices, etc. are black & white greyscale type, not a lot of handwritten, just notes added in if it got sent back or back ordered or something. So the space issue shouldn't be a problem. Now I need to figure out how to get them to an import folder??? Thanks.
  3. GENIUS!!! Thank you! I"ll be researching half the stuff you said to get it all set up, but I look forward to the challenge and the convenience of EN. Is there anyway you could help me with Windows Client, tools, import folder??? Also, I "heard" that it's possible to scan/take a pic of an airline ticket to EN and then show a copy of it from my phone to the TSA agent? Is this possible? Thank you!!!!!
  4. I literally made my new account an hour ago, and my brain is swirling with ideas for how to use this wonderful site. A little about myself . . . I work for my husband and father in law as their admin. asst. at a cabinet shop in FL. (Needless to say, we are not very technologically advanced due to their doubts about losing information on the internet. They'd rather keep PILES and PILES of invoices, pick tickets, etc. collecting dust and collecting hours of work for someone to organize.) :? My problem is matching pick tickets with invoices from MANY vendors. My idea is to scan them all into evernote, and then I can search by invoice # , po #, etc. (The possibilities are endless!!! Thank you very much!) So to appease my husband and father in law, here's my husband's question before I can start this process: What if evernote goes out of business and shuts down? What will happen to all the information I uploaded? If I get a good enough answer from someone out there, here are MY questions? 1. How much information/paperwork can I scan in with the free account? What's my limit b/c I'm pretty sure I'm gonna surpass it w/ all their junk paperwork! 2. How would you suggest filling/ organizing it? I've made no new files. Thank you for your help and reading my story. -Beka
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