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  1. Support tell me that this is a bug fixed down the line. How comfortable do you feel with their version release procedures? My answer: "Not much"
  2. No, that's not true. And not a lot of help, frankly. If you try encrypt a new note when you have encrypted previous notes,, and mess up the encryption phrase, you get a box stating "The encryption phrase you entered is different from the one you previously used to encrypt note content" It does give you the option to use a different passphrase If you actually choose that option it asks for a new hint as well. So let's work on the principle I'd not be asking the question if I'd be daft enough to deliberately select the option highlighted "NOT RECOMMENDED" and jump through those hoops given they're a big red warning thatI I'd be right on the way to ***** this up. (You think I'd mistype the same passphrase in that box twice, and use the same password hint as I'm used to? Really? Occam's Razor is starting to apply here!) So - let's work on my initial thought - that I have a corrupted encrypted note. How does that make you feel?
  3. So, I repeatedly mistyped the phrase on one note but not on any of the others I tried in the same few minutes? Credit with a little intelligence please. The suggested passphrase is identical across all notes - if you're suggesting it's an encryption issue then that's actually a more serious problem.
  4. I have an encrypted note that won't decrypt, whilst all my other encrypted notes do. This is a bit of a catastrophic loss of faith in Evernote issue. Yeah, I'll raise a support ticket. But for a product like Evernote to work, you have to have *absolute faith* that its data integrity is absolute. And any failure, like this failure says "I can't trust you with the important stuff any more".
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