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  1. This has just started happening a week or two ago. If I set a date and time on a reminder, then I get multiple iOS notifications when it fires - up to 35 for a single note so far! Has anyone else seen this?
  2. Support tell me that this is a bug fixed down the line. How comfortable do you feel with their version release procedures? My answer: "Not much"
  3. No, that's not true. And not a lot of help, frankly. If you try encrypt a new note when you have encrypted previous notes,, and mess up the encryption phrase, you get a box stating "The encryption phrase you entered is different from the one you previously used to encrypt note content" It does give you the option to use a different passphrase If you actually choose that option it asks for a new hint as well. So let's work on the principle I'd not be asking the question if I'd be daft enough to deliberately select the option highlighted "NOT RECOMMENDED" and jump through those hoops given they're a big red warning thatI I'd be right on the way to ***** this up. (You think I'd mistype the same passphrase in that box twice, and use the same password hint as I'm used to? Really? Occam's Razor is starting to apply here!) So - let's work on my initial thought - that I have a corrupted encrypted note. How does that make you feel?
  4. So, I repeatedly mistyped the phrase on one note but not on any of the others I tried in the same few minutes? Credit with a little intelligence please. The suggested passphrase is identical across all notes - if you're suggesting it's an encryption issue then that's actually a more serious problem.
  5. I have an encrypted note that won't decrypt, whilst all my other encrypted notes do. This is a bit of a catastrophic loss of faith in Evernote issue. Yeah, I'll raise a support ticket. But for a product like Evernote to work, you have to have *absolute faith* that its data integrity is absolute. And any failure, like this failure says "I can't trust you with the important stuff any more".
  6. A frustrating issue? Makes you wonder what Evernote considers a showstopper!
  7. Since the 7.7 version of Evernote for iPhone came out, I've been unable to consistently capture text from my Moleskine Evernote Business Notebook. Am I the only one? Firstly, automatic mode just doesn't work. I can wait minutes for it to recognise the boundaries of the page, even when the notebook is open on a flat black piece of card. Notes - once captured - are inconsistently captured as either documents or photos. They're nearly never properly cropped, so I also can't successfully use the "To Do" tick box as it's either cropped out, or simply unrecognised. If I switch to manual mode, then the problems are similar. It becomes a cumbersome process as I need to select the type "document" for each page. Cropping is still poor, making the "To Do" tick box useless. Also, the OCR of captured pages has gone all to hell, possibly because of the problems in the capture process. I reiterate: all this worked just fine before 7.7. Before then, it was point, snap, title, file, find. Is there anyone else having these sort of issues? It's driving me insane as capturing these pages had become a valued part of my workflow.
  8. Yes, I missed out the steps that actually do work. You quoted step 3, there. It's step 5 that doesn't appear to work. Can someone else confirm if step 5 is wrong? I'm happy to raise a formal support ticket if it's more than just me being dumb.
  9. The Evernote web site says that a tag or notebook assigned to a smart sticker can be de-selected by pressing the green tick (detailed on http://evernote.com/partner/moleskine/guide/?external=1#3). This does not appear to work. Pressing the tick does nothing, both on iPad and iPhone. Is it possible to de-select a notebook to tag? If so, how? If not, is this a bug?
  10. I'd love to downgrade too - but I never sync my devices with iTunes (I just use iCloud for everything). Do you know if you can downgrade if you do not have a previous version of the app in iTunes?
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