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  1. Thank you for your response, but that is not, what I would like to do. I would like to use that screen to remember and tag a URL (as presennted on challenge.to).
  2. Hi, I Use Firefox 3.6.8 and installed the Evernote Addon (in German). When I mark a text and click the Evernote button it works fine. I can add tags and a text in the small window and submit it. But if I like to remember a URL, it does not. Nothing is marked and I click the button and another small windows appears where I could enter tags and a text. It has a "Save URL" button at the bottom or save whole page next to it. But before I am even able to enter anything, this page diasappears and I get forwarded to the list of saved notes I already have got (a page with a tab with green background). The new note with the URL I wanted to tag and submit is not submitted. I tried to use the different settings for "save whole page" in the add-on settings but that does not help. It also does not matter if I have got the Evernote Windows software running or not. Any clues?
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