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  1. Same here. I have left iPad connected on power supply and let it remain ON continuously, by disabling auto sleep.. throughout the night.. did that a few times.. and yet all notes don't get downloaded into local drive..
  2. I have also reinstalled a few times on EN support suggestion... but unreliability has become just so expected with Evernote now.
  3. ☺ Well .. I don't think that they care about, what we think.. EN is already too big to care.. I am watching out on Zoho Notebook.. a great software.. only missing thing is the Notebook sharing feature.. They promise they are working on it.. once that is in.. I am out of EN.
  4. Agreed. It was my assumption (wrongly, I admit) that this reflects views at EN
  5. Well.. EN can choose to think that there is just this small band of 8-10-20-100 people who come and make noise here. This is not the real mass of public which is paying and making EN as rich as it is. Whether it is a short window of opportunity to stay afloat may be debatable.. Clever strategic planning can make a company and product survive and thrive despite product being far from perfect.. Microsoft has stayed .. seems like forever. But feeling the due responsibility towards a paying customer is a matter of emotional make up of a person, which collectively eventually becomes the culture of a company. How a company wants to connect with its customer is entirely a matter of choice that needs to be well established early and firmly. I have always been delighted by Apple's support. My MBP has been out of warranty for nearly 2 years now and I have not covered it in extended warranty, and yet if I make an online request for a support call, they have never refused to be with me for hours on phone to solve my issues. Recently also they patiently worked with me on live chat to resolve the questions I had regarding iCloud storage. They just charge me Less than 12.00 Dollars a year and yet give me personal care that makes me loyal to them in return. Companies that invest in confidence of customer go a long way in keeping their future strong and progress steady. Customer care is like religious faith, you may choose to have it or not, life will go on with our without.
  6. Wow.. that reeks of arrogance. Time will tell whether Evernote is because of customers or the other way around.
  7. Funny silly that the flagship product Evernote has an inferior experience at the hand scripted notes in comparison their own free product Penultimate. At least they should allow opening Penultimate notes from within Evernote And Evernote subscription is not cheap anymore.. it is almost 80% of MS Office 365... and yet they keep the best user experience which is within their capability outside of main paid app.
  8. Handwriting on an iPad pro is a pleasure. I would like to see Penultimate page template made available in Evernote too. At least for premium subscribers. What Penultimate customers get for free.. Evernote paying customers should at least get to use it inside. Problem with using Penultimate is that I am unable to edit notes that come into Evernote. There is not even an 'edit in Penultimate" button provided on those notes. I wonder if anyone heavy user of evernote finds Penultimate useful as an outside product.
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