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  1. Thanks for the update guys! I hope it gets released soon as it's a critical part of my workflow with Evernote... I'm sure for others too.
  2. I just upgraded from the legacy 7.x version of Evernote Mac app to the latest v10.0.10 build 1838 on my macOS Catalina running latest security updates... After logging in, I can no longer see the Evernote Helper functionality that lets me clip screenshots and save to new note in the Helper service in the task bar. I double checked and it appears the app has proper access to the Screen Recording settings under the Security & Privacy settings of the the macOS System Preferences. I should also point out that I had early closed Beta access to test out the new 10.x release. I have deleted the old Beta and installed the latest public release from the main site. Was the Evernote Helper functionality removed in this new release or am I having some odd issue / bug? Any help appreciated!
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