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  1. Hi and thanks! That's another way indeed (good point about the OCR). I could also clip the screen (whole or some parts) directly from the pdf viewing app (browser ou dedicated pdf viewer) and save these clips as a note (losing the text search capability unless EN can do OCR automatically) but again I would prefer a more direct approach as I do that often. Thanks again !
  2. Hi and thanks! Got it. I have been doing just that so far but I was looking for a better, more streamlined way. I thought I might have missed something obvious. Apparently not. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks. So no way to collect pages from the PDF in one EN note without using another app to extract the desired pages first? EN should consider the possibility of creating a note by selecting specific pages from a large (and mostly irrelevant) PDF document. OTOH can EN be active from inside a PDF editor app, as a plugin for example? Working on PC in Win10 and Android.
  4. When I'm reading a magazine in PDF format I would like to save just a few (possibly non-consecutive) pages, for example one of the articles, to EN without extracting them first of course. Is it possible? Thanks.
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