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  1. how do you opt out of this and get back to the original interface?
  2. Yet another plea for Linux support. The only thing keeping me from using Evernote is being able to encrypt, and I guess that is not an option on the web-only mode. I use Linux as a desktop solution for any situation I would ever need to use Evernote in. If there is a way to encrypt on the web version and I'm just not seeing it, I'd be grateful for the clue!
  3. thats what im doing but its terribly disagreeable when i have a notebook with about 30 different images in it. thats 30 print button presses and then the print dialog "ok", i feel like a robot doing all that. im kind of the view that its a bug, these are separate documents. if i printed 3 different notes, they would all be run on together like one document, then if i print a different 3, its a new continuous document. i can hardly think when thats the right behavior, but it would be great if there was at least an option to break on each note.
  4. i have a notebook full of notes, when i select a few notes to print, it wants to string them all together in one continuous printout. that makes no sense, they are separate documents. It would make a lot more sense to have each new note start on a new page. using multiple pages if it has to, but a new note starts a new page. anyone know how to get this to happen? im using windows right now, but i think the behavior might be the same on my mac.
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