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  1. Thanks, Dave. Hypothesis has the ability to annotate pdfs when you "open in Chrome", so I can save pdfs either into Zotero or into Evernote. I'm fascinated by Evernote's capability to index pdfs so I can do keyword searches on their content. So if that works well it might make it worthwhile.
  2. Thanks. I've started storing copies of articles, on the idea that I can always delete them if it gets to ponderous.
  3. Hi all! I'm a new Evernote user in the academic world. I have a LOT of annotation on "Hypothes.is" and I'm looking at the features of Evernote's annotation. I'm curious whether anyone here has opinions about the pros and cons? I'm debating whether to load pdfs into Evernote so I can search and annotate them? Or whether I might be better off storing my pdfs as I've been doing in Zotero, then opening them with Chrome and annotating with Hypothesis. I'm trying to develop a workflow to process books and articles for a background in a new book project. Thanks!
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