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  1. I've read through this thread and seen some suggestions discussed that I think are great, including - Better HTML export' - Stacked notes - Google Search to work with evernote. It was pointed out that it works in chrome - how about FF? And I'd like to add a few more... - Move forward and back through notes, like web pages in my browser. To be useful, EN would need to remember where I was in each note. - Keep improving conversion of Outlook notes. I suggest EN to people who are leaving Outlook for Google Apps, but they need a solution for Outlook Notes. Last time I suggested this the EN import failed on some of the notes (Outlook 2003). - Encrypted notes - the password never leaves the client. This is how I assumed it worked until I read otherwise. - Headings, like the 'heading 1', 'heading 2', etc. styles in Word. Thanks.
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