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  1. On further investigation, you can't edit encrypted text. But you can view it, or permanently unencrypt it. Then you can SOMETIMES re-encrypt. You select one block of text, it's encryptable. Select another -- same formatting and even same text -- and it's not. If you keep trying again and again sometimes it works. Is this what they mean by gamification?
  2. Looks like now you can read and permanently decrypt encrypted data, but you can no longer edit it. Yet another capability I trusted would be there that's been hamstrung, and significantly impacts how I use Evernote.
  3. This is such an awful upgrade, nearly as bad as a recent iOS update that erased all your offline notebooks and required you to leave the phone sitting for HOURS to download them all. I couldn't believe they threw out tabs in this Mac release. This is what happens when you concentrate on metrics (eg "most users don't use tabs") and forget to analyze the EFFECT of removing features on actual users. First, removal of such a feature really ruins workflows for people who use them extensively, so when evaluating impact you should multiply the number of users by the criticality of the feature to users. Second, such features gut the users who are most heavily invested in Evernote. These are the ones who write instructions that help others to use Evernote, create templates, and really extend the ecosystem. Third, it erodes trust in the platform. Does this release help you feel comfortable with putting all your data into this platform, when features are removed randomly without notice?
  4. You could downgrade by restoring an old iPhone backup. Turn off auto-update. Or if you have a device (another phone, or an iPad) maybe you could use third party tools to copy the app to your phone. I think you'd want to delete Evernote off your phone, copy it from the old location, then sync.
  5. Yeah this upgrade really cost me. I had a note with extensive notes for a backpacking trip, checked the note before I went to bed. Update happened, I got to the trailhead, and all the notes I made were unavailable. I had seen them the night before!!! Can you believe they made a revision like this that doesn't utilize the notes already downloaded? I contacted tech support today, they told me 10.x is beta and gave me instructions for backtracking to production 8.x. I'm not in beta! So clearly support is not being kept in the loop. The chat transcript is pretty amazing... And no answer for downloading offline notebooks now. Just check the preference and wait forever. Another fun bug: If you download every note one by one, it still doesn't show the progress bar as 100%. I deleted my trash then it showed 100%... but the menu still does not show notebook as "available offline". There's a huge YOU HAD ONE JOB meme being played out here. Hint: You CAN force download, by visiting note by note. I have only 1800 notes across 82 notebooks, and 3 devices to sync. Fun!!!
  6. In another thread, someone suggested screen-shotting your recipe before you start cooking, so you don't have to refer to Evernote. I think I'll be using that workaround as well!
  7. iOS RAM management doesn't cause this. There is plenty of technical information available on how to maintain UX state across task switches. Yes, some coding has to be done. Presumably our subscription fees fund such maintenance.
  8. This is still a problem in June 2020. Evernote even closes the current note if you switch to landscape and back to portrait. I spent so many hours to put the data in but it's such a pain to get back out. I like the suggestion above to screenshot the recipe so you can avoid having to use Evernote live.
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