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  1. Do you have activity underway to create a native Evernote app for webOS on tablets? The HP TouchPad ships tomorrow, July 1, 2011. Thanks, Alan
  2. Thanks! I am anxious to see how well this update works. Evernote is an essential tool for all of my smart devices, and I hope the webOS client gets to a stable and fully functional state. Some folks are having trouble getting your ipk installed. Here is what worked for me (also posted at http://www.PreCentral.net as a comment): I downloaded the ipk onto a PC, and then sent it via email. Preware is configured to handle ipks in email, so I tapped on the attachment to download it. Nothing happened, but when I tapped on it a second time, Preware fired up and installed it. The help screen still shows 1.3.0, but my Device Info app shows it as 1.3.5. Haven't done much yet, but it did install! -Alan
  3. Congratulations on your round C funding! We sure hope improving your HP webOS client is high on your list! I love evernote on all my platforms, but if it doesn't work reliably on my smartphone, I'll have to switch to something else. Thanks, Alan
  4. I also see this problem. Although I love EverNote on all of my other platforms, I must have my note-taking tool operate on my WebOS phone. Please support this released product appropriately. I really don't want to adopt a different solution, but Palm Pre is a required part of my computing environment. Thanks for your support! Alan
  5. You've made strides to update your other mobile clients. Now, complete the work by updating your WebOS client. HP/Palm will have new devices soon, a tablet early next year, and WebOS 2.0 before the end of the year. With all this activity, and strong support for the platform, it just makes sense for Evernote to step up and treat WebOS as one of its core platforms. I use Evernote on every device/computer I touch, and the WebOS client is feature-poor and buggy. Please help soon! Alan
  6. Please add my request to updating Evernote for the Palm Pre. I specifically adopted Evernote once you added WebOS to your supported platforms, but that support is meager and lagging. I MUST be able to have my notes offline. Now that HP is driving the WebOS infrastructure (and is hiring over 80 more engineers to work on WebOS, posted in August 2010), WebOS will continue, and I believe it will thrive. Thanks for your assistance! Alan
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