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  1. I’m researching and writing a book using both Scrivener and Evernote. I type up my notes from printed book readings in Scrivener, and keep track of the source by creating each new note within a folder named after the book. I then export this folder to the desktop as HTML, then drag and drop all the files into Evernote, where I can tag each note by concept. Problem: I lose the source of each note when I do this. I could create a tag for each batch of notes noting the source, but I prefer to keep my tag clutter to a minimum. And I’d like to avoid repeatedly cutting and pasting bibliographic data in the text of each note. In Evernote, I can add the book author and title in the “Source URL” slot, which also works nicely for sorting, etc. But it appears I have to do this individually for each note. Question: Is there a way to add “Source URL” data to a group of selected notes at once? If so, I haven’t figured it out. Thanks. (PS: I know I could type my research notes directly into Evernote and avoid some of this cumbersomeness, but I just prefer the Scrivener interface for this.)
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