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  1. Okay, thanks for the questions, I have a much better clue as to how to share what I do. First, about the only thing I cannot do on the iPad is to download the powerpoints from Angel. So, as far as class prep goes, I do that at home and then sync them to EN. For school work, I use the logitech wifi keyboard with my iPad. During lectures, I open the powerpoints (saved in Evernote) in Foxit PDF which allows me to annotate either by type or by hand (I use a Jot Classic stylus for that). I then email the powerpoints (as a PDF) to EN. I also have a Livescribe pen that I use to take notes if it's just not feasible to take notes on the powerpoints because of the amount of information given. Livescribe documents will sync to EN and yes, as soon as my fin aid is here, I will be purchasing a Sky pen which will automatically sync to EN. For review, I use iStudious which allows me to write notes and then use those notes to create flashcards. I also use iStudious to take textbook notes because of the ease of being able to export the information into the flashcards which can be run in a Leitner method for review. I've not spent the time to learn how to use EN Peek for review but I really rely on the Leitner method which I don't believe is supported in Peek. I keep track of my paper references using PERRLA APA as this is the program I use on my computer when I'm writing my papers. I do lots of note taking for my papers in Pages but write the final paper on my laptop at home and, of course, save it to EN. As far as the ebook was concerned, the license was only available for six months which would have required another license for the 2nd semester which, with the two licenses, would be more than purchasing the book, used, outright. I am one of those anal people who keep all my textbooks until I take a higher level course and unless I can purchase a ebook and "own" it forever like you could an e-novel, I won't do an ebook again. I hope this was helpful. I'm willing to contribute any other information which might be useful. Angela
  2. I'm not going to say I'm entirely paperless but I'm getting there. I've used Evernote on my iPad2 almost exclusively for my grad school studies. I'm confident that 90% of the reason I'm not totally paperless is simply the fact the iPad needs to be plugged in to charge! I'm considering taking over my husband's iPad as he seems to prefer his Nexus tablet. I'm at a loss to tell you what I do that is "different" or helpful because I just do what I do to keep my work as paperless as possible. The one area I will not go paperless though is on text books. I tried doing an ebook once and it was only good for 1 semester, and I needed it for two. Ask some more questions and I might be able to better figure out what I do that makes paperless in grad school possible. Oh, I'm majoring in nursing in the Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) track. Angela
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