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  1. Evo Froyo with Evernote 2.5 on HTC Sense The shortcut feature is very nice but could behave better. Behavior: From within Evernote pressing the shortcut he has no visible effect. You must exit to find the note someday haphazardly dropped somewhere on the desktop. Expected: Choosing shortcut within the program cause s the window to change to the desktop with the shortcut in view or highlighted. Behavior: Tapping the shortcut opens as expected but selecting the back button goes to Evernote home rather than the home screen. Thanks for your attention
  2. "Voice Recorder" got a positive remark from an x10 user in the android market though with a lot of mixed reviews. Maybe ping an x10 forum and see what's popular.
  3. I sent my log in but a side question. Is the homescreen widget supposed to work with the beta? Also should I have deleted the standard program before downloading the widget. It certainly has "apps organiser" confused, it thinks they are two programs though hitting "launch" on the standard will not work.
  4. Sprint Evo: If I press on a web link in the browser I get multiple share options including share to Evernote. If I select text in the browser fields though my options are limited and don't include share to Evernote. I have to copy and paste into the Evernote program itself. I would like to be able to simply share to evernote like the browser does to the Twitter program, with the url included Thanks
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