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  1. Your screenshot shows you have the sidebar minimized. Click and drag on the edge of the sidebar (the gray bit) to expand it and the notebook list will be visible again. It folds in when the sidebar is made too narrow.
  2. Evernote also uses iOS's smart links functions in its app so random dates, times, and subjects (like people, movie titles, and book titles) are also linked in bright blue. I recently made a bunch of notes for an essay on The Lord of the Rings (the book not the movies) and every mention of the title on mobile is a blue link that points me to the cast list and Rotten Tomatoes score for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Another thing I'd love to have the option to turn off as other apps I use don't do this. But, like I said, I just don't see this happening. I've come to accept Evernote's weird quirks and occasional ugliness in my almost-decade of use. It's part of its charm, I guess.
  3. I always assumed note links and web links were different colors so the user could tell at a glance where clicking that note would take them. Why note links created in the web version are a different color from those created in the desktop version are different is beyond me. Maybe because the green of Evernote's website is slightly different from the green that used to be used featured prominently in the desktop app. As someone who also cares about the aesthetics of their notes, I agree that it would be nice to set a default link color in the preferences but that's not a feature I see Evernote ever actually adding. Evernote has put a great deal of effort into making their apps look nice except what comes out of the editor. The color picker in the Mac app can change the color of a link but only one at a time and no other text can be selected while doing it. Barring that, I think we're stuck with 1996-style blue web links.
  4. Text expansion software can do this for you. TextExpander, Typinator, TypeIt4Me, and aText are popular choices for Mac. (I don't know what Windows users usually go for. Phrase Express, maybe?) One of my most used shortcuts in aText is ";d" which expands to the current date and time. I use it just the way you describe, to put a date/timestamp on additions to notes. This might, at least, be a solution in the meantime.
  5. Click on Notes so you're looking at All Notes. Select all (cmd+A), right click, "Export notes...". Then you can choose whether you want an enex or HTML export.
  6. Could we have these options in the Mac version too? Please?
  7. Yes. This has become my number one pet peeve about Evernote and I've been here since the day the Mac app was released. I work with a lot of images and years of muscle memory have taught me: double-click the image to see it full size. Nope. Double clicking opens presentation mode. (Actually for a Plus user, it opens an ad for presentation mode.) I desperately want an option in preferences so double-clicking a picture opens it full size instead of presentation mode. Please. I'll never use presentation mode. But I'll open full size images twenty or so times per day.
  8. Are you sure it's saying you've only used 3 MB? I can't read Dutch (?) but in English, that page shows me how much space I have remaining for the month. Not how much I've actually used. It looks like it says you have 2.8 MB remaining and your limit resets in 20 days. Here's mine in English. 990 MB remaining not used.
  9. Is there a post-6.0.6 fix for this? I'm using 6.9 on Safari (El Cap. / updated Evernote) and still experiencing this problem. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the clipper but still get nothing but black when trying to clip a single image. My subscription lapsed so I can't contact support and I don't want to renew my subscription if I'm not going to have this key functionality. Anyone who had this problem after the fix last year find a way around it? Edit: If anyone finds this from Google while looking for a solution to this problem, here's what I did to workaround it. Enable the Evernote share menu for Safari in System Preferences>Extensions. Then when you need to clip an image in Safari, use the share menu to do it. It's the square with the arrow pointing up in the middle of it. This bypasses the clipper entirely to get the image to your account.
  10. Did you set up an IFTTT recipe then forget about it?
  11. Definitely second this. And I'd add a request to allow a reminder to be set in the clipper. Like if I clipped a page I need to check back with tomorrow, I can set the reminder while clipping instead of clipping, syncing, and then setting the reminder. Maybe it could be added into the Quick Note panel someday too.
  12. And you might want to edit your email address out of your post before the spam gremlins get ahold of it.
  13. Those are stacks/notebooks in the sidebar in the Mac version.
  14. You can also use TextExpander to make templates which is how i do it. Jamie Rubin has a nice article on his blog about using TextExpander for templates in Evernote. Like him, I build the template within TextExpander, assign a unique keyword, and then — whoosh! — my templates magically appear in Evernote when I type in the word. They can even be modified to automatically fill in the date or time. Jamie uses the examples of phone conversation and meeting notes. I use mine for taking notes from books for work, writing book reviews, journal entries, project ideas, even recipe cards. Just an alternative suggestion.
  15. Nonsense. Working in an academic or research field doesn't magically possess someone with a higher intellect. I'm not a member of Mensa; I just work hard. Nor does it take a gifted individual to use Google, send an email, or use a forum. The point still stands: if you want to use something whether it be a service, a piece of software, or some kind of heavy machinery, it's up to you the user to educate yourself on what you're using. We're all adults here. We're all capable of taking responsibility and familiarizing ourselves with the products we use, work with, and eat on a daily basis. Particularly in the case of your teacher who's managing 500 students. No teacher worth their salt should be just randomly dumping 500 students worth of information into a program without knowing exactly what they're doing first. I don't dispute your efforts to want to improve Evernote as a piece of software and as a service. There's nothing wrong with that. All of us here have our quibbles — some larger than others. But you might want to consider picking your battles a little more wisely. The information your arguing about is neither hidden nor remotely difficult to find. I'm sorry to people who have found out the hard way that Evernote has limits to what you can do with it but not everything can be provided for us. Sometimes we need to take the time to seek out the information we require.
  16. Surely a researcher competent enough at their job as a professional information gatherer to be able to fill 250 notebooks is more than capable at educating themselves about a piece of software or service that depend on so heavily. I'm another researcher who keeps all of their work in one notebook. And I know the company policies on notebook, note, and upload limits because I looked for it. All of the information is available if you just look or ask. The company isn't trying to trick anyone or employ bait and switch. Evernote can only do so much to make their policies known. At a certain point, the user needs to educate themselves and take responsibility for understanding the products they choose to rely on. Especially if it contains something as valuable to them as research for work. I've already put close to a decade into my studies. I don't just shove all that information into a software without understanding exactly how it works, what kinds of policies the company has, and what kinds of limits they impose on my usage. (And without keeping proper backups.) If the user finds the company's limits don't fit their workflow, they can either adapt to the software as it is or they can choose another product to use.
  17. I like to make tables in Markdown Pro and export the file as HTML. Nice neat, borderless tables. Oh to be able to format on the fly in Markdown directly within Evernote.
  18. You're allowed to upload 1 GB per month on the premium plan. If you require more, you can purchase it on a per month basis. Your upload allowance is not cumulative; it doesn't rollover at the end of your billing month.
  19. Yes, they can be sorted alphabetically — as the list in your screenshot is.
  20. No, it isn't. The only option you have is to forgo using the Mac client altogether and just access your account through the web client. ETA: If you did keep your stuff solely on the Evernote account, make sure you keep a backup of it elsewhere. Never a good idea to keep only one copy of valuable data.
  21. Not sure if this is a bug but it's driving me nuts so I'll throw it out there: when I paste an image in the middle of a note from another note, the focus goes back up to the top of the note and I have to scroll to return to where I was. Shouldn't I be staying in the same spot? It seems more logical. Also, can I request again the CMD+' shortcut in the multi-select screen for tagging notes please? Oh, and hey, how about an option to ask me if I really want to quit when my sloppy, too-fast fingers accidentally hit CMD-Q instead of CMD-W? I'm sure both Evernote and my fingers are tired of the verbal abuse they receive every time I do this.
  22. It is in the HTML format which is what your notes in Evernote are. It's not a silly oversight but a limitation of the language.
  23. Right. The underlined "tonight" has to do with calendar events. I'm not sure what can be done about that.
  24. Is this the iOS client? iOS automatically puts in a period — or full stop — when you type two spaces. It's at the OS level not in the Evernote client. And the underlined blue text might be because you're typing in a date or a time? Neither of these behaviors are new. This is just a guess though. Like gazumped said, if you can specify your client, we can help you out better.
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