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  1. I vote for having it be a customizable user preference. I personally want to be able to just click (i.e. left-click) the System Tray icon to be able to launch Evernote, but I definitely see the functionality of having the 'Quick Note' be the default. For Evernote developers to change this major functionality, you can bet many, many folks asked for it. People are confusing "System Tray" and "Taskbar". Technically, they are considered two different areas even though the System Tray lives on the Taskbar. If you see your Taskbar horizontally at the bottom of your screen, the System Tray is located all the way to the right (I have my Taskbar vertically on the right of my display so my System Tray is at the bottom of my Taskbar). The name of this thread unfortunately is "Taskbar Actions" which is technically wrong. What is being discussed, I believe, is the action when one clicks on the Evernote icon in the System Tray, not the Taskbar. PRO-TIP: If you pin Evernote to your Taskbar, then it does indeed open by just clicking on it (i.e. left-click). To pin it, all you have to do is click the Windows button and scroll down to Evernote in the Apps list and drag the Evernote icon onto the Taskbar (not into the System Tray). Voila! It's an optional workaround for the folks who want to just click an icon to start Evernote. At best, you can have the best of both worlds. At worst, it's a viable work-around until (and if) the Evernote developers give us the option to configure the System Tray's icon behavior.
  2. Premium user running newly updated 10.0.4 on iPad iOS 14. When I search inside a note, the search bar counts the correct number of returns/hits in the note, but it doesn’t jump to it *within* the note. When I use the arrows, right/left, it will count up or down, but again, doesn’t jump to the hit within the note. I’m having a full-on panic attack right now. Search in Evernote is everything on my iPad and has been since I’ve been a user for over 10 years now. NOTE: This behavior is *not* happening on my iPhone, only on the iPad.
  3. Check out the *HUGE* thread currently taking place about this bug:
  4. Same thing happens to me on both iPhone and iPad. Problem just started after mid January 2017 update. Both devices running iOS 10. The reviews in the App Store reflect this is happening to many people after recent updates. Please Evernote, get this resolved as soon as possible. It's such a pain having to enter a strong/long password when we need to quickly use Evernote.
  5. Handwriting in iOS would be a lifesaver for me when: Physically walking around our showroom or a client's house listening to them and taking notes (and diagramming, if necessary) about which of our products they want and where (and how) they want them installed. It is impossible to type, walk and listen all at the same time. Later on, the handwritten notes can be translated into text for official bids. Diagrams, similarly, are cleaned up and formally copied onto P.O.s for ordering purposes. Like other loyal Evernote users, I want to be able to do this in Evernote and not have to switch into a separate app. Thanks for listening.... Evernote rocks!
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