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  1. Hello, I've noticed for a while (maybe months) that the Web Clipper will Not work at Home Depot's website. It works fine at every other shopping site that I've visited. But for some reason, at Home Depot's site, The Web Clipper attempts to start, but just keeps Spinning... and never ends. With no results. Used on a Windows LL Laptop. On Chrome or Edge. Thank you,
  2. A day after the "Fix" , it Stopped working again for me.. So I sent them a follow up to my original Ticket ... They replied with a polite message that they are aware of the problem, and it would likely be intermittent until a new Clipper is released. ... ?? I'm just curious why it's only affecting some, but not others .
  3. It's working for me now Too ! 🙌 Glad they could Fix it So Quickly.
  4. So that appears to be (possibly) the issue. The "Chromium" update may have broken the Clipper, on YouTube. I also submitted a ticket, yesterday.
  5. Update - - I just tried it again from the very Latest version of Microsoft Edge Browser. And was Stunned to discover - - The Same Thing! Doesn't Work from YouTube. The first time you Click the Clipper, you can see quick shot of the Clipper pop up, for maybe a second at most. Then it disappears/fails. But if you try a second or third time... Nothing. No more quick little popup. Same thing even from another Tab or video. You only get the slight reaction that the First Time. Then Nothing. I have a feeling that (Maybe) the programmers were fiddling with something, during the last couple days.
  6. Ok, will try that, Thx., btw, after doing a google search, it looks like someone else reported this problem back around Sept. 2019: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/121478-clipper-working-on-youtube/
  7. Thanks for the Reply. Yeah, I tried a different computer - - using both Brave & Chrome - - Same result! (although, very occasionally it will work. Like when the Browser or Tab is first opened. Very Random though. ) Also very Strange that it was the Same problem with Brave. I don't use my Google Login on Brave, and have almost no extensions on Brave. Just EN (which I do Sign into) and 1 other. (So I disabled/removed the other extension - and same thing: Doesn't work). Actually it DID work once, but then not again. Really Bizarre. But YT is crucial for research nowadays. So if there is a problem saving from there - - A Lot of people are going to likely make some noise.
  8. Windows 10 . Chrome Browser. Working Earlier. Suddenly stopped. But seems to work (sometimes) in the First Tab that's opened. ??? Strange. Will try in another browser & computer. and report back. Update 1 - After posting this message. I tried Clipping this page. And it Worked. So then I Went back to YT and it still wouldn't Clip. (tried it both while the video was both running, and Not running.) In the past, it has Always Clipped Fine. Whether a video was running or not. Update 2 - I'm using the Classic version, on the web. Always was fine before. Note - - I ran some Windows Updates a couple hours before. Might be a connection. ? Or coincidence maybe.
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