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  1. A day after the "Fix" , it Stopped working again for me.. So I sent them a follow up to my original Ticket ... They replied with a polite message that they are aware of the problem, and it would likely be intermittent until a new Clipper is released. ... ?? I'm just curious why it's only affecting some, but not others .
  2. It's working for me now Too ! 🙌 Glad they could Fix it So Quickly.
  3. So that appears to be (possibly) the issue. The "Chromium" update may have broken the Clipper, on YouTube. I also submitted a ticket, yesterday.
  4. Update - - I just tried it again from the very Latest version of Microsoft Edge Browser. And was Stunned to discover - - The Same Thing! Doesn't Work from YouTube. The first time you Click the Clipper, you can see quick shot of the Clipper pop up, for maybe a second at most. Then it disappears/fails. But if you try a second or third time... Nothing. No more quick little popup. Same thing even from another Tab or video. You only get the slight reaction that the First Time. Then Nothing. I have a feeling that (Maybe) the programmers were fiddling with something, during the last couple days.
  5. Ok, will try that, Thx., btw, after doing a google search, it looks like someone else reported this problem back around Sept. 2019: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/121478-clipper-working-on-youtube/
  6. Thanks for the Reply. Yeah, I tried a different computer - - using both Brave & Chrome - - Same result! (although, very occasionally it will work. Like when the Browser or Tab is first opened. Very Random though. ) Also very Strange that it was the Same problem with Brave. I don't use my Google Login on Brave, and have almost no extensions on Brave. Just EN (which I do Sign into) and 1 other. (So I disabled/removed the other extension - and same thing: Doesn't work). Actually it DID work once, but then not again. Really Bizarre. But YT is crucial for research nowadays. So if there is a problem saving from there - - A Lot of people are going to likely make some noise.
  7. Windows 10 . Chrome Browser. Working Earlier. Suddenly stopped. But seems to work (sometimes) in the First Tab that's opened. ??? Strange. Will try in another browser & computer. and report back. Update 1 - After posting this message. I tried Clipping this page. And it Worked. So then I Went back to YT and it still wouldn't Clip. (tried it both while the video was both running, and Not running.) In the past, it has Always Clipped Fine. Whether a video was running or not. Update 2 - I'm using the Classic version, on the web. Always was fine before. Note - - I ran some Windows Updates a couple hours before. Might be a connection. ? Or coincidence maybe.
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