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  1. I'm using thumbnail view, and they all have a black background. Card view and snippet view thumbnails are fine, and thumbnails for notes that don't include any text (just an image or a pdf) are fine as well. This is happening for notes created on the desktop, but also web clips and notes created in the mobile apps on my ipad and android phone. It isn't specific for this version, it's been going on for a couple of weeks at least, but it's still happening in the current version.
  2. Thanks! It seems I looked everywhere except in the obvious place
  3. I've been using the evernote 5 beta on my windows computer (which I use for work) for a few days, and generally like it. But now my work shortcuts have synced to my home computer (a mac) as well, and I'd like to keep them separate. Is that possible (yet)? My shortcuts at work all refer to work stuff, which I don't need at home, and vice versa. Ideally, it should be possible to choose which devices to sync shortcuts to (including mobile).
  4. Hello everyone, I use evernote on windows (at work) and on a mac (at home). I've been scanning magazine articles, and they are imported as separate notes (by the doxie software). When I merge them on the mac, I find it impossible to predict the merge order. On windows the first clicked note is always on top in the merged note, but on the mac it's not predictable at all (in fact, it nearly always seems to be the opposite order of what I want, but that might just be pessimism). I like the idea of having everything in Evernote, but this small shortcoming in the software makes that a pretty frustrating experience (I have to use the web client, or wait until I'm at work, to do this simple task). I've done some research on this forum, and some people have claimed that the mac notes merge in the order they are listed. But this doesn't seem to be true (anymore? I have the newest version of evernote). So my question is, are there any plans to implement click order merging on the mac? If not, or in the mean time, is there any workaround that can currently be used? Hope someone can help!
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