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  1. Thank you for the reply's In the Mac client you can select the different column headings such as Title, Notebook, Created, etc. an additional column with the tags would be a nice addition. I posted this message in the mac section at first but thought is was misplaced as most featured requests are posted here. Sure, you can see the tags on the note preview below the list view (when not minimizes) and in the tag section in the left side panel (only individual tags, not all tags per selected note) but having the it together with the titles etc. would make a nice overview and display the tags when you have minimized the note preview pannel. Cheers, Matt
  2. I have some Scientific American pdf which are in the 25-35MB range...
  3. Hey Evernote guys, Congrats with the 5 million users! I've been a premium user for almost 2 years now (August '08 cohort), but starting to appreciate the true hidden value of the app to organize your life (tags, saved searches) over the last months. This forum has been a great resource for me, and its now time to start posting myself and put in my 2 cents. First post is actually a feature request... Would it be possible to add a tab column to the list view, summarizing the tabs of the notes? I did some searching on the forum but could not find a previous request. Cheers, Matt
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