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  1. Thanks, DTLow. This confirms another concern that I have which is that Evernote is in a disarray. They send emails with the wrong information (e.g., "upgrade to Premium" to get access...." -- there is no Premium to upgrade to anymore), and somewhere they say you will have the access you had if you had a Premium account--but elsewhere, it is a limited access. I suppose they will work all of this out. I have had Evernote for 12 years, and I am getting concerned....
  2. Support sends me here. And I think maybe you should speak for yourself. When you do not know the answer to a question, it is NOT helpful to just "say stuff."
  3. I wasn't asking someone to explain what is on the website. I can read that. The website does not answer the question I asked.
  4. Everything I have seen says that Tasks will be available to Premium accounts (I pay the yearly, $45 level). Yet, both the stand-alone and web version show that I am in a trial of tasks, and I have to upgrade get what I had in early access. What is the deal?
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