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  1. Lessee....maybe you want to switch accounts which can't be done on the Evernote for Android app?
  2. Yes, Firefox. And thanks for the quick reply!
  3. I may be missing something (hopefully) and I have not seen it discussed. Before this new version, when I am on a webpage and choose "add to EN," a note pane pops up with the content. Fine. With this new version, a dialog box pops up where I can assign it to notebooks, add tags, etc. Fine as well (very fine, in fact). But it seems that the note material is sent directly to EN's servers, not to the internal program. I actually have to sync for it to appear. This is not a huge problem, but it prevents me from doing anything on my browser while it uploads (I noticed this when the website content was rich and took a while to upload). Is this an unintended consequence, or is it designed to work this way?
  4. Sounds great. There are lots of professionals who must separate business and personal accounts (for example, if you work for the government, many and maybe all of the documents you create can end up being public records - so mixing accounts would be very bad). But yes, if the phone can retain your "main" account's data and your other accounts data separately, that would cure it. If space is the issue, many of these phones use flash cards so space is probably not a huge deal. My phone (HTC EVO) will not use the card as program space unless the program is written to do that specifically. So I guess you guys have a lot of variables every time you introduce something. By the way, this application just gets better and better. You guys are doing a great job. I continually recommend this to people and they are astounded that something like this even exists at all.
  5. I am fine with one account at a time. In fact, I really don't need to be using 2 accounts simultaneously. The practical issue is that it appears Evernote will delete all the content for the open account as part of logging out, and then, presumably, you wait for the next account to download. So it can be done, but it isn't practical. Does that clarify my question?
  6. I see this question has been addressed for the iPhone, but have not found it for the Android. As many of us do, I have a personal and business account. On my phone, I would like to be able to access both. It tells me it will delete all my content if I "sign out." As I recall, it took a LONG time to download all that stuff, so that isn't practical. The web brower in android is just plain weird on Evernote, so that is not really usable either. Is there a way to log into a different account on Android? If not, is this ability in the hopper for adding, or is it one of those things that presents too many problems and is best left alone?
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