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  1. Thanks, thats one way to use the tags. But we use tags for identifying work business tasks, taking it to completion on the task and attaching important docs for reference. IN the repeat template notebook, which is each ANNUAL notebook, there can be over 150 tasks. So this way we keep a template fresh, for the next year. We also as a business limit tags, to a maximum of 4 per note, but we do have one extra, to identify if a new annual task, so it can be picked up at end of year. Otherwise our tags are structured in 4s for each note. 1. CAT (for category of business dealing with) with manager allocation 2. Product type talking about 3. P&L accounts reference - help where it sits in accounts (helps inform and aid managers in their decision making) 4. Task - type of task being done or delegated. The 4 category tagging therefore helps, delegation (responsibility) and cross manager searching, since information may be required across the organisation by different managers. Also we have several annual notebooks - which are run by different managers. . It's about ensuring all legal / accounting tasks are completed each year without fail. And the systemisation of the system allows cross working and searching. So works well for us. This is for Business Evernote. Of course we have separate notebooks for non-reoccurring tasks, treated differently. Hope that helps
  2. Hi I have found a way to do reoccurring tasks. The issue initially for me is you cannot duplicate a notebook. 1. Create A note book with all your annual tasks, and date code the start ie 20XX-03-01, so they slot in order 2. If you want to refine the tasks create tabs to go with them 3. Once you have created your lists of annual reoccurring tasks export as compressed file (ensure tick - keep tabs) - name it Annual Tasks Template 4. This will download more than likely to your download folder on your computer. Its an Evernote zip file 5. Now either store on your computer or place back in a note title annual tasks templates. 6. Now hit the zip file and a note book will appear, with all your annual task reminder 7. Wiz through the dates you set, 20XX-03-01 etc, and set them up as reminders. I do not change 20xx but leave. 8. In the reminder view - you now have a list of annual tasks with dates, and you can check them off within the reminder window hey presto - hope that helps
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