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  1. Well i had my phone go back to factory settings recently, could be that. But it's not supposed to act like this, is it? As for the data, guess the impossible happened, and now i can't login with my phone.
  2. Well if you put it that way then it's a basic but i only use one account, so there's no chance of me mistaking the saved notes. Back to the main issue. Judging from what you have said, there's no fixing this problem? I mean i've tried every known methods and they're all fruitless.
  3. Yes i can see my notes on the browser, except i lost all the data i saved on the phone from February to now (yet somehow the other note i made during April was saved, probably made on the browser). It's like it rewinded my data back to February. Yes my phone isn't logging in correctly, it keeps thinking i want to register when i'm trying to login. Reinstalling the app is the first thing i would do when my app isn't working proper, it didn't work. I'm using Android.
  4. I'm quite certain i was in the login screen, not the registration screen. Also i did try try revoking access, fixed nothing.
  5. I recently had to fix my phone over technical issues which result in my phone go back to factory settings. Weird thing is when i reinstall evernote i can't login to my account (i login via google btw), instead of logging me in it keeps telling me "email is already registered". I'd be fine with this if my browser version was saving my data on the mobile app for the last 4 months, but NO, it saved NOTHING.
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