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  1. I've bailed, too. Noted! hit the Palm app catalog recently. It syncs with simplenote.com, which just got a major update today. I moved all my notes over to simplenote, and synched with Noted! Boom. Noted! provides several very important features that Evernote doesn't. - offline storage - sort by title - list view (no thumbnails, which I hated) - and support for tags is coming as soon as the simplenote api is updated (got word from the developer) I understand all the arguments Evernote has for not updating the WebOS version, so I won't waste any time trying to convince them otherwise. They gotta do what they gotta do. Well so do I. My final parting words: YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE!
  2. In no particular order... 1) Offline storage & sync 2) Notebook view (no concern about screen size if you list the notebooks first, or have a drop down filter) 3) Native WebOS editing functionality (select all, copy, paste, cursor positioning) 4) Formatting (Heading levels, lists, checkboxes, etc. If it can be done on the web, it can be done on WebOS) 5) Like #2, tab view and/or dropdown filter 6) Checkbox toggling, without being in edit mode 7) Key combo shortcuts wherever possible 8) Swipe to delete (come on, it's a native gesture... come to think of it, support back swipes) 9) Note title list style option (do we really need to see the notes squeezed into a little thumbnails that we can't recognize anyway?) 10) Extended preferences ("default list view" for one, but others could include "default list style", "autosave seconds", even custom keyboard shortcuts) Now imagine: Open the app and be presented with your list of notebooks. Tap the one you want and see all titles within. Tap on the title you want to view the note, then the edit button to edit it. But wait! Don't like that? You'd rather just open the app and see the thumbnails of the notes for the last selected notebook? Just set your preferences accordingly. Don't want a note any longer? Swipe it off the screen from the list and it's gone. Found some great text on a blog or in a PDF manual? Just use the native WebOS copy and paste gestures to get it into EN. Uh oh. Sitting in the passenger seat or on a bus/train and lost signal? No worries, that's what the offline storage/editing is for. It'll sync up automatically when the signal is back. Now imagine paying two or three bucks for all this great functionality.... Can you? I can.
  3. As a long LONG time Palm user and current Pre owner, I find the Evernote app seriously lacking. - Lack of basic editing features that nearly every WebOS app has - Lack of formatting options - Inability to even list notebooks and drill down (or at the very list filter the list of notes by notebooks) WebOS will prevail. HP will be putting out new phones and slates using WebOS. Wouldn't it make sense to attempt to be the premiere note editing/syncing app? The others have already caught up or surpassed you in certain functionality. I for one would be inclined to become a paying customer if I believed Evernote had serious plans to beef up and support the Pre version.
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