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  1. After reading GTD and thinking about how to GTD in Evernote I settled on the same inbox approach -- capture in Evernote (or anywhere else) should be as easy as possible. What could be easier than NOT taking additional action to tag a note? The one gripe I have about the alternate approach of having a separate "inbox" notebook is that moving notes out of the "inbox" notebook to other notebooks is more cumbersome (IMO) than simply tagging. I guess if I used different notebooks for more than defining visibility (local, cloud, cloud-shared) this "inbox" notebook might make more sense.
  2. I'm new to GTD but I've been using tags to implement my lists. What I would find helpful is if I could build on top of tags. My inbox in EN is "any untagged note". When I complete a task I clear the various GTD tags (@context, area, !next or ~waiting) and tag it #done (any tag will do -- just so it doesn't show up in my untagged inbox. If I move a task from !next to ~waiting, I usually clear the @context tag too so when I look at @pc I don't see waiting tasks. This is tedious ... alternatively I could use queries but that is also tedious. Currently I view lists simply by looking at a single tag. Also, while I love evernote, I also wish it had a bit of an note edit audit trail so I could look back and reconstruct a timeline of events associated with a note by looking at its audit trail. I am clearly getting by without this now but it would be nice to have. Currently I occassionally insert dates into notes next to sentences or paragraphs to account for the lack of timestamped edit audit trail. All in all, EN is pretty cool. It would be great if siri (or something else) could provide quicker access to note creation and capture methods (photo or audio notes).
  3. I am looking at the scansnaps, trying to decide which to buy. The S1300 looked like a good fit except that Fujitsu's comparison matrix says that the S1300 does not do "scan to evernote". Is their website wrong? It sounds like you are doing "scansnap to evernote" (second from the bottom of their table) with your S1300.
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