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  1. There is NO email, chat, phone or snailmail customer support for free users. correct, I don't need to use cloud and I don't need evernote. As I said, I have deactivated my account.
  2. actually, it is interactive. You can type into it, format, set reminders etc. However, my question is now obsolete as I have deactivated my account. Evernote is not a suitable program for me.
  3. thank you all for your replies. I don't consider twitter as a means of customer support. I will only pay for a program that is indispensable - such as Premium Support for Wordfence Security and the Theme on my website. I would use Evernote only as a file organiser with ALL my notes saved only in Local Notebooks, nothing in the cloud, no sync between devices, no collaboration with others. I will never store my personal/business data in a cloud storage (I'm mystified that so many people are complately blind to its dangers). So - i don't need access to my note history, backup etc. and will not pay for a file organiser. I have determined by now that this is not a suitable program for me (more so that I have to sign in each time to access MY OWN data. That will never happen). Finally, I don't buy coffee or fast food 😀 I have deleted my notes and deactivated my account. Good luck!
  4. I am a new Evernote user on a basic (free) program, just downloaded it today. When I decided to contact Support with a question, I found the information and pathway to do so unclear and confusing. Somwehere on your website (don't remember exactly where) I read something along the lines " you can contact us via email 24/7". I was already logged in - and yet when I clicked on Contact Support in my profile and was taken to the Help & Support page - I was asked to log in again. (??) I then made the selection on three different menus seeking information about the nature of my issue. All I wanted was to send an email. - but that's ok. After I have made my selections, the instruction was: " Please send us a ticket providing as much information about this issue as possible". Great, except that there was no link or any option to submit a ticket. At the bottom of that page however, I saw three contact buttons out of which only one was active: Community (active) , Chat (inactive - for Premium users only), Email (inactive - for Premium users only). That's how I ended up on this community forum. I have asked the question I wanted to ask in another topic. My question here is - if your Support is NOT accessible to free users at all, and not contactable, not even via email (?)) - why don't you say this clearly where you state your 24/7 email support? I was signed in as a FREE user - why did your site give me the wrong hence confusing instruction to send a ticket after taking me through several questions etc knowing that I was not eligible? And finally, how can people who are not your users contact Evernote with whatever questions they have? Are you not accessible to anyone but your Business and Premium users? What if, as a free user, I have a serious issue related to my free account (hacked, virus, lost data etc) and NEED to contact you? I would appreciate your reply so that I know where I stand and whether your program is suitable for me. I don't entrust a program with personal and business data when I have no access to program support. A commmunity forum is not sufficient for such matters.
  5. I love the interactive Monthly Calendar 2020 template - that's exactly what I have been looking for. It has scrolling 12 month blocks. I don't know whether my question is in the How To or New Feature Suggestion category - so will ask it here: Is it possible to make the calendar (which is my Note) always open on the current month rather than on January, which then requires scrolling down to the current month? Is should be possible to "pin" the current month somehow. Any thoughts?
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