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  1. You also only need one note for presentation mode to work - presentation mode presents one single note but allows you to break it up into individual slides.
  2. It actually did exist circa 2015 and earlier - you could use presentation mode directly from a mobile device. It was amazing - you could just tap your phone and the slide would advance. I used to use it with airplay to stream to an Apple TV connected to a projector - could then walk all over the room and keep advancing (and seeing) slides from your phone.
  3. Here are some comparisons of Evernote Presentation and Dropbox Paper Presentation Modes. Evernote is on the Right, using the middle font size, and DropBox Paper is on the Left. Some Key Differences: On Dropbox, you cannot change the font size - all you get is the header and then a standard font size - which you can make Bold - but that's about it. On Evernote, you have the 3 different presentation font sizes that you can select right in the presentation mode - which is useful as it doesn't require making edits to the original note. Evernote turns your mouse into a colour la
  4. Update I know at least one other person on the forum has mentioned this, but Dropbox Paper does seem to be a bit of a replacement for this feature. If you copy/paste your evernote note into Dropbox Paper, it will save wherever you had ‘breaks’ for slides. You can add new slide breaks as well by adding a divider. Unfortunately, the breaks (section breaks) are visible (lines across the document), so it isn’t quite as smooth or seamless as the Evernote presentation mode where you only enter the breaks while in presentation mode. However, you can pick between a light or dark background, and adva
  5. It was very disappointing when they removed presentation mode from the app versions, as that version used to allow me to present my lectures right from my phone or iPad. But without presentation mode in the desktop version, Evernote loses all functionality for me. It was a breath of fresh air for creating clean and crisp presentation slides directly from well-formatted lecture notes that students could follow along with in class and edit. I even wrote about it here to share the feature others. I noticed on the beta testing that the feature was gone and so figured it wouldn't make it into this
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