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  1. I also have a Note 3, with an awesome huge 5.7" screen, but the text in the Evernote app is quite large. I wish there was a way to zoom out.
  2. +1 I'm shocked that such a basic feature has been left out. Thanks.
  3. I don't use tags or multiple notebooks at all. Instead I use keywords in the titles of all my notes. Here are some example note titles: myco - TODO = my TODO list at My Company, where I work. myco - proj1 - mtg notes = all my meeting notes about Project1 at My Company. myco - proj1 - work notes = my ongoing work notes about how I'm implementing Project1. etc... Then I have a saved search for "intitle:myco". I click on that, then I can do a "intitle:proj1" search to get just myco / proj1 notes. Doing a search after clicking on a saved search will search only within the saved search results so it's kind of like a refined search.
  4. I used gmail before moving over to evernote. I don't need features like limiting results by date, or OCR / image search. The first feature that made me make the transition to evernote, is the search highlighting. For example, if I search for "intitle:java hashmap", evernote will show me results and auto-scroll directly to the word "hashmap" and highlight it in yellow. Gmail doesn't do that. The second feature is the clipping and thumbnail evernote shows. My wife and I have put every recipe we like into evernote, with a pic. We can scroll through the 'recipe' notebook and see nice thumbnails of all our recipes. I would say the third feature is what I call the "sub-searching." I'm not sure that this is a documented feature, because I discovered it quite by accident. If I click on a saved search, let's say, "recipes," then do a search for, say, "chicken," only the "recipes" notes are searched. That is very useful. Gmail doesn't do that either. The fourth feature I love is evernote's awesome export capabilities. If I *did* want to move back to gmail or any other competing app, evernote will export all my stuff (or just selected notes) to XML or HTML. When I transitioned from gmail to evernote, I had to do it by hand. I'm sure there are other little things I'm forgetting, but yeah, gmail does run a distant second to evernote IMHO. YMMV.
  5. I came to the forums just to post this exact same request. This would be a great feature.
  6. I'd love to be able to add anchors and links within a single note. Sometimes my notes get kind of long. I would super-love to be able to anchor / link between notes.
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