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  1. Thanks for answering. I think I solved it, thanks to your questions that made me log in via browser and look in the account settings. Looks like I was above the device limit - there was a third, old device that was still registered. After removing it, popup no longer appears. Thanks!!
  2. Hi I recently returned to a basic account after some time in premium. About a week after canceling premium, evernote starting popping up a white, empty modal window that blocks interaction with the app. The window displays a loading circle after a few seconds, then disappears. This seems to appear after sync even during changes to a note, so essentially it makes evernote unusable. I tried restarting evernote, logging out and even deleting the evernote database. Since people talked about a note-to-large popup, I checked and found no notes above 22MB, which should be below the basic account limit of 25MB. I'd be glad for any help. Thanks
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