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  1. Thanks for the info. For now, I'll uninstall it and try to get by with the windows version. The machine is a fairly powerful i7 laptop that I use for software development and CAD and has a lot of useful life left. Lenovo doesn't recommend upgrading it to Win10 and I never needed to. Evernote is the only program I use that doesn't support Win8.1 and, ironically, this is the machine I use Evernote on the most. It has been working fine until the latest version. If the web version doesn't work out I'll just move on. Installing an old version seems like a temporary solution. EDIT: second sent
  2. v 10.6.9-win-ddl-public (2254) Windows 8.1 1. Home shows the spinning wheel forever. 2. Web clip clipped yesterday still not showing up in EN Win today. It does show up in the web version. 3. Notification pop-up saying something to the effect of 'You are running the latest version of evernote' is VERY distracting. It has popped up while I'm working and while I was watching a movie. It seems to pop up every day. #1 and #2 make the desktop version unusable. After seeing #3 several times and using the 'Send feedback' button to report it, it hasn't changed. If my subscript
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