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  1. I got a new laptop with touch screen capabilities and a Stylus for writing on screen. I was SO excited to starting taking notes in my Evernote with the stylus – WHAT A DISAPOINTMENT! I really like Evernote since 2011 and have been using the premium version for years. For the first time since joining Evenote, I am considering moving to One Note. 1) The OneNote app for windows 10 detects the difference between a stylus touch and the hand touch. That is an essential feature for properly handwriting in notes. Can we please improve the handwriting capability / free-form / Ink Note 2) In OneNote we can mix content – Ink and text. Simple – Even MS Word can do it. In EverNote we need to click in menus to start an ink note. Everyone is moving to touch screen laptops – PLEASE address this issue and make it user-friendly.
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