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  1. Hi CaIS, I have checked it and the changes are not replicated. The problem is when I open the attachment in the evernote (by double clicking it), then the desktop application is triggered with the file name and path from the evernote attachment directory, but evernote failed to create the file in the first place. I have checked it by going to the Database/Attachments Directory. Every time I get this error, the file was not present in the expected directory. I assume evernote failed to create the file in that directory and hence the error. Any help / patch to resolve the issue. It's hampering the consistency of the attachment.
  2. Hi Team.I Attach a no. of files on Evernote (Mainly PDF, Excel & Mind Master Mind Map). I am frequently getting the issue similar to those shown in the attachment.It's OK when the file is read-only you can retry without loosing. But many times the file is editable. The file opens, You edit, and when you click save it shows this error.This means the changes are lost because even if you save the file as a new file to the attachment directory of evernote, it won't be replicated back to the note .Please help me resolve the issuePlease check the screenshot. One with Adobe Reader, Another with Mind Master Mind Map. Anyone can help regarding this issue? Thanks in Advance, Best Regards, Gaurav
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