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  1. I finally found a way to upgrade to premium for 1 month and did so. We were able to recover the table's contents. Needless to say that you should not have to pay 6.99 Euros to fix an error caused by Evernote. Thank you, gazumped, for trying to help us.
  2. Thank you. Unfortunately, I cannot raise a support request. See this screenshot. It is in german, but you get the idea: No help is provided, instead I am asked to use search or upgrade to Premium.
  3. My wife uses Evernote to organise her study notes. I am writing on her behalf because she has an appointment now but this is urgent. Today this happened: She was editing a table inside a note. She selected some content inside the table and formatted it. The content of the entire table disappeared. The table was empty. She tried to undo the formatting by hitting CMD+Z. Nothing happened. She tried "Edit" -> "Undo", but it was deactivated. Undo did not work. We are sure that this was not an editing error by my wife. If it were (e.g. she accidentally hit backspace or CMD+X), undo would bring the previous state back. Instead this must be an error inside Evernote. Desperate to get the data back she clicked "Note" -> "Note history", only to be asked to upgrade to Premium. Premium costs 59.99 Euros per year. There is no monthly subscription and apparently no way to cancel a subscription early. All we want is get my wife's data back. The table contains weeks of work. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  4. The missing notes are not in the Evernote trash but in the OSX trash. When I restore them (put them back into the library/application support/Evernote/data/[five digit number]/content/ they don't appear in Evernote. As I said, the notes in question are encrypted using the Evernote text encryption tool. If they weren't encrypted I could simply copy and paste the content into Evernote. We're only talking about a small number of notes (which are, nevertheless, important).
  5. Exactly. Neither the missing notebook nor the restored entry show up in Evernote. Help?
  6. Ok, I'll try. How do I get the notebook back into evernote? By putting them back in the content/ folder of the updated Evernote? Will Evernote recognize them as a seperate notebook or try to put them in the standard notebook?
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, they are. There are more than 2000 notes in the Evernote/content folder in the Trash. If I get it right then the notebooks are all mixed in there. There is no distinction between the notes from the standard notebooks (which I have not lost) and the ones I'm missing. I should add that the content of the notes I'm missing is encrypted using Evernote's text encryption feature. I don't. I had not updated it in a couple of months, that's all I can say.
  8. I recently updated Evernote to version 1.1. an a Mac. In addition to my standard notebook which is synched to the cloud I had a notebook which was not synched. After the update it was gone. Is there a way to find the data on my hard drive? Is there a way to get it into evernote again? Or is it lost?
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