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  1. For those who wonder how you can reach a high number of tags : if you use tags as folders (project folders and reference folders), and follow the GTD rule of creating a folder each time you create a project or gather informations about something, then the number of tags rises fast. I have 2300 tags already. To then put order in all that, all you need to do is have different level of tags. The simple fact you can nest tags inside other tags makes it all quite easy to organize. Now i am experiencing a problem with my Evernote application and i suspect the number of tags has to do with it. Who else on this forum might have this problem ? How many tags do you guys have, when using tags as folders (instead of notebooks) inside Evernote ?
  2. Hello, I noticed that i and many Evernote users create a note for a project, in which we put some sort of summary about the project, links to different documents, sometimes tasks etc. The problem i encounter (and i would guess a lot of others as well) is there is no way to have that note always appear at the top of all other notes. I like to present notes by date (and have them be classified and shown at the top using the category "most recently modified"), and i use tags as project folders. With all this, my main project note quickly gets buried away in the mass of notes i can have in one project. I give it a fake "last modified date" in the future (like 2020) in order for it to appear at the top, but of course, if i modify that note, the date is changed (back to the real date the document was last changed), and soon the note will not appear at the top anymore (as other notes are added to the project). Putting each of those main project notes on the left column as favorites is not a solution for me, as i put there all the tags corresponding to my projects, and control lists (the left column would be far too long). What's more, and don't want to access it faster by using the left column, but i just wish to be able to see my main project note right away when i look at what is in a project (clicking on a tag with the project name). So my question is this : could Evernote build a feature forcing a note to appear at the top of a list ? Thank-you, Shadok (sorry for my bad english, i hope i am clear enough)
  3. Hello everybody, I have two questions : 1. Why do you select the "Convert to searchable PDF" : doesn't Evernote make all PDF you put in it searchable ? Because going choosing "Convert to searchable PDF" in ScanSnap slows the scanning process. 2. Also, what difference is there between the two options when you do want to configure ScanSnap and have it do a conversion to searchable PDFs ? Because there seems to be two ways to do it : • Choosing "Scan to Evernote" mode in ScanSnap, and then selecting the box so as to have a searchable PDF files (see scree image #1) • Choosing "Convert to indexable PDF" in the "File" tab (see screen image #2) Thanks for your help !
  4. I had a look, and that is all too complicated for me. I'll do without linking. Thanks for the help ! :-)
  5. ... Meaning the video was less than 50Mo. What about vidéos of more than 50Mo ? What do you do then ?
  6. Hello, I have spent some time trying to find the answer to this question, but with no success : i don't know how to create a hyperlink in a note, enabling me have a link with a heavy document (pdf file of more than 50Mo, or vidéo). Thanks for your help ! Shadokart
  7. I have a free acount. Would that by any chance be the reason ?
  8. 590 Ko sur le disque (586 393 octets). Not very heavy stuff. Anything i could try ?
  9. I have the same problem : i cant play my audio attachement. I created the audio file using apple's voice recorder (.m4a), and tried two things : 1. Sending directly by mail to evernote 2. Sending by mail to myself, and then forwarding the mail to evernote. In both cases it does not work. I get either this message : "Evernote was unable to submit your note for the following reason: Emailed note was received, but was rejected due to problems with the note itself. [After filtering, the submitted message had no usable content. - After filtering, the submitted message had no usable content.]" Or the mail i sent, without the file attached. This means i can't put my audio voice files previously recorded into Evernote. Any solutions ? Sincerely
  10. So you are suggesting that if i want to take my stuff out of Evernote, i copy-past the content of each document ? Ok if i have 5 documents. But what if i have several hundreds ? Selecting them all, and dropping them on the desktop would be simpler, hum ?
  11. "I'm hesitant to dive into Evernote fully without the ability to get my notes back out in some reasonable form. Exporting asrtfd files (which can contain attachments) would seem like the obvious way to do this." I couldn't say better. PLEASE :shock: make it possible to export notes in a TEXTEDIT or WORD format. I don't understand why you don't do it ! Thank-you.
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