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  1. I've used the Android page camera occasionally in the past, and it has worked well, up until maybe 6-8 months ago. At that time, I noticed that it was much more picky about finding the edges of my paper (Whitelines A5 Notebook, Squared). Now I'm trying to use it regularly for a project I am working on and it is next to unusable. I have always taken my page camera notes on top of my galvanized aluminum desk, without problems. Recently, though, Evernote doesn't find the edges unless my camera is perfectly parallel to the paper and I've lined up the paper *exactly* within the lines. Any variations, and I get the desktop in my picture. Half the time, it doesn't even bother adjusting contrast and brightness in the capture photo. I've tried putting the notebook on a plain black table, with similar results. Add to this the fact that when I view a picture taken with the page camera, and then go back to take more, the flash no longer works. Simply put, it sucks, and I really want it to work properly....Help! :-) This is on a Smasung Galaxy S4, btw.
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