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  1. Changing the browser language for changing the date format in Evernote Web no longer works for me (using Chrome for Mac) !!
  2. I find it hard to believe that so few Evernote users have this requirement.
  3. Any solution for this yet? I spend hours every month renaming PDF attachments to the note title (downloaded into Evernote from different sources - scanner, gmail, etc.). I don't know how to debug scripts so unless someone can provide a working one, I have to wait for Evernote to program a solution.
  4. This functionality (Save to Evernote via the SHARE menu) was demonstrated in the keynote. How do you activate this option???
  5. I have the same problem(s) since upgrading to the new mac version. Using Lion 10.7.4 Tags autocomplete doesn't work. Please fix this!!!
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