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  1. I'm inside a shared NOTEBOOK and inside here is a NOTE that at one time I was able to access, but since the last update I now find myself NOT able to access the note. I even had it re-share it with me and I still can't open this note. One of two ways I'm trying to see this note: 1) via the shared NOTEBOOK and 2) via the Shared with Me area where it was re-shared w/ me just the note - it is listed in there, but when I click - nothing! BUT this note shows up inside the SHARED Notebook for I can SEE it but can't access it. Image shows you that I'm inside the notebook and you can see the note I'm trying to access along with the message I get. Now the other person can see the note. Can someone tell me what is going on.... this is so far the ONLY note I'm having an issue with! Thanks.
  2. LMartin

    Sync question

    I noticed the other day there doesn't seem to be an option to force sync our notes. I have no clue what happened but I lost a whole set of vacation notes I created - weird - never have I lost notes. It was/is an existing note I've been working on and last night added to it and bam gone. I looked for a way to force sync like I could in the regular version and nothing. . Can someone tell me if this is either no longer an option or where I can find it to grab it?
  3. I'm wondering where the option is to force a sync to occur? Last night I was typing up some vacation information into an existing note and when I went back to look all that information is now gone! Even today when I log back in - the information is not there. There was always an icon to force the sync, but I'm not seeing it with the Evernote for MAC. Thanks.
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