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    Sync question

    I noticed the other day there doesn't seem to be an option to force sync our notes. I have no clue what happened but I lost a whole set of vacation notes I created - weird - never have I lost notes. It was/is an existing note I've been working on and last night added to it and bam gone. I looked for a way to force sync like I could in the regular version and nothing. . Can someone tell me if this is either no longer an option or where I can find it to grab it?
  2. I'm wondering where the option is to force a sync to occur? Last night I was typing up some vacation information into an existing note and when I went back to look all that information is now gone! Even today when I log back in - the information is not there. There was always an icon to force the sync, but I'm not seeing it with the Evernote for MAC. Thanks.
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