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  1. I've been to those sites. None of the videos will play on my computer. Do I need some sort of plug in (Flash player, QuickTime, etc.)? I've got all the popular players, so I'm not sure why Evernote's videos won't work. I just get a blank video window within the web page. I've also been to tips_stories and tumblr. None of the suggested uses (for which other people find this program useful) are anything I find useful. I've read the Baby Steps. I don't need a light bulb database, because every light in my house uses the same wattage and size bulb. I don't need to know how people use this for their businesses, because I'm not in business. Perhaps I'm just being thick (it's been known to happen), but I honestly can't figure out what to do with this program. I don't even know where to start.
  2. So, I guess the main question is - what are this tool's capabilities? I've looked on the website, through the tips and tricks, and tried to play the videos (which won't play on my computer - I don't know why). I'm trying to be open minded about what this might be able to do for me, but I'm still stumped. When I want to write a letter or an exam, I use a word processor When I want to make a presentation or a poster, I use PowerPoint When I want to do bulk calculations, I use a spreadsheet These above examples are for programs whose uses are, to me, basic and understandable. Forgive my ignorance, but I'm still wondering what it is that Evernote does. I asked my original question because I DON"T KNOW ANYTHING about this program. It was reccommended to me by a colleague. When I get back to work (after the weekend), I'll talk to him about it. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how I can use this program. Can anyone give me any kind of hint (sans sarcasm)? Pretend you're trying to teach someone a new skill.
  3. Metrodon - I try. My humor is a little too dry for my students (who are all younger than my yougest child). Jokes don't go over too well when you have to explain them, or announce them in advance, or state "that was a joke..."
  4. I've also looked at the tips/tricks and get nothing. Why use Evernote - I don't have a Blackberry/iPad/iPod/Palm, etc., so what good would it do me to take a photo of something? Does Evernote function with my Motorola Razr? It's easier for me to carry a paper grocery list, or call my wife from the commissary, than to access an electronic storage somewhere in the cloud on a phone that can't do it. Can this program help me organize my lecture notes, etc? Just call me - A Growing Skeptic :shock:
  5. Jeff - Yes, I've been to the Learn More page. NONE of the videos will play on my computer. Burgers - That's what I do in PowerPoint and Word, so why do I need Evernote?
  6. I am a professional educator at a private university. What can Evernote do for me? How do I use it? What good will it be? So far I see a blank screen and no instructions on how to use the program or guidelines on how it works. :?
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