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  1. It would be easy to make Evernote at list a basic to-do list manager if they would allow to add to-dos to a notebook (instead of notices only) and to assign due dates and priorities. Offering notification options would make the thing perfect. Cannot be sooo complicated... Does anyone know whether this will come? Otherwise EverNote is not for me - at least not if they do not start to integrate with tools like RTM... (Nozbe is too expensive as said)... There once was a tall called EverMilk, but development has been ceased...
  2. Hi! Is there a) any way to share something (apparantly only notebooks can be shared) using the standalone windows program for EverNote only a way that allows users with whom I share to see (and work with) my shared notebooks in their installation of the standalone windows program? For it currently seems as if the shared notebooks can only be edited via the web-bases interface :-( Or am I missing something? Thanks.
  3. Hi! I am new to Evernote and wonder which options exist to a) Use Evernote instead of RTM (means let Evernote just replace RTM and use Evernote as GTD tool) Use Evernote jointly with RTM (means using Evernote as ab note-taking tool only and GTD as a to-do task planner) Thanks! P.S.: Nozbe is just too expensive, but if there is a cheap alternative between Nozbe and RTM I am interested, too...
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