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  1. Anyone else noticed Web Clipper disabling HTTPS in Safari on Mountain Lion? The problem: When I go to a site that uses HTTPS (e.g. the Evernote login page, iCloud login page, my bank, the Dropbox credit card payment page) Safari flashes up the https URL then drops back to HTTP. If I disable the Web Clipper, the problem goes away and HTTPS works normally. If I enable the clipper, the problem comes back. It only happens on my MT Lion system. My Lion and Mavericks laptops are not affected. Versions are: OS X 10.8.5 Safari 6.1 (8537.71) Web clipper 5.9.15 If you have these versions, check it out and let me know if you see this problem. I am trying to generate some interest so it gets fixed. If you do see this problem, then disable web clipper, check that https behaves correctly, and leave the clipper disabled until it is fixed. Otherwise there is a good chance that your credit card details, passwords and personal information will be sent in plain text. FYI, I talked to the Apple help desk about it, cleared the library/Safari directory. Problem gone, Reinstall the clipper - back it comes. 100% repeatable. R
  2. Cusswords! I just enabled the plug-in - and it is working again. Something has fixed it in the last few days. Go on, laugh all you want. I deserve it...
  3. Hi, I have Evernote 2.0.4 installed on OS X 10.6.latest. When I start Firefox 3.6.13, it bounces in the dock twice and crashes. If I disable all other plug-ins, it still happens. If I disable Evernote, Firefox starts correctly. I have listed this in the Firefox forums, and three other people have reported that they have the same problem. We have it running on three other macs with the same software config and they work fine. Does anyone have any idea of why this happens? I reported it to Evernote support some time ago and the answer was more or less "Golly, bummer dude - never heard of that happening before..." which is reasonable but doesn't make my product work... Any ideas? Anyone else with the same problem?
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