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  1. I'm another Bob who tried to use Scannble to put an image on the Contact.app entry on my iPhone without any success. Biz card had a logo of the business. I imaged it using Scannable, menued to Share/More/Assign to Contact, was taken to the Contact app, searched for the entry I wanted and nothing. No way to add the image, go into edit mode on the card, nothing. Not so useful this first release of the Scannable app. We'll see if it gets fixed.
  2. I'm simply amazed at your CEO's performance. One journalist berates Everynote and you will jump thru hoops to mollify him. How many times have we uses of the original Skitch made criticisms here in this forum and been brushed off. Heck, I just got a survey from you on Evernote Clipper. Why not listen to Skitch users too? I have always advocated a return to local storage for images captured with Skitch. I don't share your vision of my image in the 'cloud'. The NSA may appreciate how easy your make it to snoop on me but I don't. It used to be that I could save them to disk with a file save pane, not by drag and drop. If you want feedback to make Skitch better, please restore the original behavior for Macs. The other feature I long asked for, the blur feature, did get added when users sought it. So, hopefully this request will also be considered and restored.
  3. Skitch representatives have not issued any statement on the privacy of our data when the US government wants it. They also haven't responded to my request to return to a version 1.x ability to store images locally, not in the cloud. I find that a litle disturbing. Does anyone else worry about privacy? Or want to store images on your own disks?
  4. Now we've seen that governments will grab data from on-line services, will you PLEASE go back to Skitch 1's scheme of storing data on my drive? I've said all along I don't share the "cloud" philosphy. You should let the user's have a choice, especially since this option used to be present. You had to work to take it away. And please don't tell me I can drag-n-drop the image where I want it. Just bring back what Skitch ver 1 had. No, I don't have anything to hide, I just resist making my information available outside my drives. Privacy matters.
  5. Wow. My problems aren't as severe as you describe. I know you can delete the version you have and grab the latest 1.x version and install that. Many did.
  6. Thank for replying. You suggested I leave both Skitch and Evernote running 30 minutes to see if they sync up. No, it's been 2 hours. I also tried the manual synch control for each application. Skitch says I have two notes in Evernote but Evernote says I only have one that came from my iPhone Skitch, not my desktop. You say that Skitch 2.x will look for old picitures in "Photos/Skitch" I hope you mean "Photographs/Skitch" Yes, 2.0.3 seems to find that directory. What I see when I choose the menu option is another Finder window, not the graphical browser from 1.x. If that's what I'm supposed to see then fine, I can drop this topic. Then you say: >Skitch 2.X does not have a local save option within it. OK, in preferences I have Save Skitch Notes to Evernote : Never So where do they go? Regarding the local storage option, I don't expect you to build me a custom app. But by the same token I don't want to lose capabilities I had. I don't share your vision of all my Skitch images in the cloud. It's fine to offer that as an option but let the user decide. How do I petition to bring back the lost capability and let me store Skitch images on my harddrive when I hit the Save button? Dragging is another way to go but it requires more fiddling with Finder windows and user actions.
  7. I don't see any reference to beta but the About panel says Skitch Version 2.0.3 (262417). (Mac OSX) When I launch it I see two images. It says Skitch Notes In Evernote (2). If I launch Evernote, I don't see those among my notes. I find a pull down menu top center that offers the choice Open Skitch 1.x document. When I choose that I get a finder window, not the 1.x collection of image to browse. If chose in Finder I do see my file. Now for my newer issue. Where is local storage for 2.x? When I take a screen shot, 99 times out of a hundred, I want the image stored in my local file system, same as it was in 1.x. I like the option of saving to Evernote but I don't want to be forced to do that. My other confusion is with the IOS version on my iPhone. I used Skitch on my phone and did save the image to Evernote. It's the one I see when I launch Evernote. Given that I have one image that I do want in Evernote, why don't I see it when I launch Skitch on my desktop? Color me confused, Bob
  8. Where is local storage option? I don't see all the files I saved from Skitch ver 1 and when I create a new screen shot where does it go? I have Save Skitch Notes to Evernote set to Never.
  9. First, thanks for listening and responding to some of the concerns expressed. The thing I still want fixed is that images in Skitch now have to be sync'd to Evernote or discarded. Where is the save to local disk ? The choice to share with Evernote should be mine, not yours. Please restore the option to save to local disk.
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