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  1. And only because my profile still shows BASIC: It unlinked other devices, but I can fix that.
  2. Thanks for the follow up. Among other bits in our exchange - I definitely like to support (pay for) apps I use regularly, and I appreciate and respect apps that hold onto my stuff when in active (like Evernote, here). I get the unsync restrictions and also consider it abuse to unsync/resync to avoid paying. To walk the talk, I just resubscribed, even though my usage will probably be only once annual review on notes for a project. Thank you.
  3. Mac Mojave Just before event: opened Evernote for first time in probably a year (almost exactly). Hadn't sync'd, but no changes in any devices. I agree I'm still getting a bargain, financially, and the product is a sound value. The interface for me (MacOS, not logged in for a year, Basic subscription, and "upgrade or unsync" text) wasn't clear (explained in prior post from my hopefully objective perspective). I thought my data had been dumped. I agree, logically, that it's unlikely - Evernote wouldn't have the great rep it does if it dumped people's data - but from my experience I thought I'd gone through some weird atypical sequence of events that did delete my data locally, on the only sync'd machine still in use. Sigh..
  4. ...update - replies are amazingly responsive, thank you. I'm confident I will have my data (my crisis averted). Not happy at all with the preventable panic - IMO a messaging issue. I may have missed the mark myself also, but I think 'unsync' was totally not clear enough, especially for an on-again, off-again user. Now it opens and I'm stuck in an apple pay failure loop. (I'm sure I'll get that figure out). Evernote: The popup made it sound like I had to unsync 2 things ....for those 2 things to work, locally.... So I unsynched's my 2 Best/Most Current devices, including my primary machine I'm on now, instead of unsyncing 2 old devices. ugh... it'll take me an hour to come down off the 'I lost my *****' wave!
  5. Hi, and thanks for the quick and thorough reply. My issue is with unclear messaging. I get (now) that web service was still working, and it makes sense for a reputable company to work that way, however the messaging wasn't clear enough (IMO). Is only said unsync, so I thought that meant it was severing the tie between local and cloud, and then local didn't open. I produce a report once a year where I reference old complex notes and just thought I'd lost it. I have access now (desktop again, paid), so crisis averted. However it's not clear how I would have restored local sync and unsynched another older device.
  6. ...and now, seemingly randomly, when I try to log in I get the same upgrade popup, but my data is teasingly shown in the in accessible background. Paying the ransom to access data that's already local.
  7. Hi - I haven't used Evernote in a long time and was trying to reference old data. A note popped up saying I had to upgrade or unsync. It wasn't clear what unsync really meant, but it sounded like stopping synchronization between local and cloud (duh, right?). So I did that, thinking I would still have local data. NOPE! Where's my local data??? I'm willing to pay the ransom and subscribe again just to have access to old data, but I can't find out how/where to do this. At this point, I think I'm stuck hoping I can revive some old machine. Please forgive my panic/anger - is there a way to get my data back? I really thought it was simply going to stop synchronization but I can't access any local data. Feeling ill... TIA.
  8. Here's a video: http://screencast.com/t/NWI4MDZlYmY Mac Desktop
  9. I've seen only old unconcluded threads, so I'm giving it a go. I'm using Evernote for GTD; as soon as I'm convinced it'll be my new system, I'm 'going premium' (oh yeah). The one pain I don't see a way around yet is that every time I hit a saved search, everything related to the search opens up, burying the search which is my most common section. This would be solved by any of the following: Putting saves searched on top. Hiding attributes/tags making attributes/tags not automatically open up My favorite: Putting a toggle in the search page to indicate whether a search should open other tree items/leave them alone/close them Are any of these or any other option available? I'm constantly re-closing the tags drop down, which seems silly and wasteful. Thanks!
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